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If you you ever felt that all the other diets that you went on were too restrictive!
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Since its approval by the FDA, Xenical has become the fastest-selling diet medication on the market today -- and for good reason. Years of clinical testing have demonstrated that it is effective. People dieting with Xenical lost an average of 50 percent more weight than those dieting without it. And because Xenical works only in the intestines to block fat absorption by the body, it is unlikely to cause the side effects in other parts of the body that have been reported for some appetite-suppressing drugs that have been withdrawn from the market.

But to be most effective, Xenical should be part of a diet-and-exercise program. John Foreyt, one of the principal researchers into Xenical, explains in this book how best to use this medication to lose weight permanently. He reviews the basic facts about Xenical, such as how it works, who should take it, what its health benefits are, and who is not a good candidate for taking it. Then he discusses how the drug affects caloric intake, which foods to eat while on Xenical, and which to avoid. He suggests four weeks of sample menus, including calorie and fat breakdowns, that put it all together for anyone using Xenical.

The book also includes a model fat-burning exercise program to enhance Xenical's effectiveness. And it explains how to make the decision -- in consultation with your doctor -- about whether to continue Xenical once you have reached your goal weight. Dr. Foreyt also offers suggestions for how to avoid gaining back the lost weight and how to make the weight loss permanent.

The Xenical Advantage is a comprehensive guide to using this breakthrough weight-loss medication safely and effectively. It is filled with authoritative and practical information that will enhance the usefulness of Xenical for anyone taking or contemplating taking it.