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This revolutionary eating plan reveals definitive proof that sugar is addictive, and presents the first science-based program to cut out the sugar, stop the cravings that cause most diets to eventually fail, and lose weight--permanently.
If you’re like most people, you’ve tried a few  (or maybe many) different diets without success. The truth is, most diets work for a while, but there’s usually a point at which the dietary restrictions become too difficult to maintain. Why? Because whether you’re following a low-carb, paleo, gluten-free, or even an all-liquid green juice diet, the addictive nature of sugar causes cravings to take over and sabotage your diet-of-the-moment.

In Why Diets Fail, Dr. Nicole M. Avena and John R. Talbott reveal definitive proof that sugar is addictive and present the first science-based program to stop the cravings and lose weight—permanently. A neuroscientist and food addiction expert, Dr. Avena has conducted groundbreaking research showing that sugar triggers the same responses in the brain as addictive drugs like cocaine, nicotine, and alcohol. And like those other substances, the more sugar you eat, the more you need to get the same pleasurable feelings. (No wonder your last diet didn’t stick.)

Avena and Talbott’s eight-step plan walks you through the process of going sugar-free and surviving the make-or-break withdrawal period—those first few weeks when your body feels the absence of its favorite sweetener most acutely. An easy-to-use Sugar Equivalency Table developed by Talbott lists the amount of sugar in hundreds of common foods so you know precisely what to eat and what to avoid. And when it comes to what you can eat, you have a lot to choose from. In fact, you’ll probably eat more on this diet than you normally do—while continuing to lose weight.

This science-based program is the diet to end all diets. It will help you break the yo-yo dieting cycle, end those maddening sugar cravings, and develop a new longing for the good food that will keep you fit, healthy, and happy. Review

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Q. What do you mean when you talk about sugar addition? I don't take sugar in coffee or add it to my food, so I would say I can’t be addicted to sugar – can I?

A. Even if you are not deliberately adding sugar to your drinks or food, sugar is already an ingredient in many foods and beverages – some of which you might not expect. This book discusses which types of foods and drinks contain high amounts of sugar and includes a questionnaire to help readers see if they show signs of a sugar addiction.

Q. What is a 'hidden' sugar, and how do I discover which foods contain them?

A. Hidden sugars are sugars contained in foods or beverages that you might not suspect. We know that many dessert items, such as ice cream and pastries, contain high amounts of sugar, but there are also a number of food and drink items that you may not expect to contain a lot of sugar, including certain yogurts, energy bars, barbecue sauces, etc. Hidden sugars can be identified by looking carefully at a food or beverage’s nutrition label, a topic we discuss further in the book.

Q. How does your eating program handle eating out and holiday times, especially if there are hidden sugars everywhere?

A. This book discusses the types of foods that tend to be high in sugar and that may contain hidden sugars, as well as the social factors that may influence food choices, equipping readers with information to make eating out and holidays less challenging.

Q. If I cut out the hidden sugars from my diet, will I be able to lose weight?

A. If you were to continue to eat the exact same way you have been minus hidden sugars, which also mean hidden calories, you would most likely lose weight, and this weight loss would be even greater if you cut out or reduced the other major sources of sugar in your diet.

Q. Is sugar really addictive? When people say they have a chocolate craving – are they being serious, or just saying that so they can eat what they like?

A. According to the research from our laboratory and others’, binge eating sugar results in similar behavior and brain changes as drug addiction, suggesting that sugar can be addictive. This does not mean that everyone who eats sugar or claims to have a craving for a sugary food is addicted; people often use the term “addiction” in everyday life to refer to their love of sports, online shopping, etc., however, there are certain criteria that are used in the medical field to identify substance dependence. As discussed in the book, these criteria have recently been adapted to refer to food instead of drugs and studies have shown certain individuals to meet the criteria for food addiction.

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Friendly Support.  Daily Encouragement.  Spiritual Empowerment.

Diets and diet books have never been more popular. At the same time, recent studies show that Americans have never been more overweight. It's no wonder, then, that women who are trying to lose weight--be it 10 or 100 pounds--are among the most frequently discouraged people around. Every day we are faced with fridge wars, bad mirror moments, diets that don't work, skinny friends who can eat whatever they like, and husbands who reminisce about the size 8 they married.

Yet victory can be yours. Increasingly, scientific studies are indicating that in health matters, prayer works--and in The Dieter's Prayer Book, you'll find that daily ounce of spiritual encouragement you need. Not tied to any one particular diet, The Dieter's Prayer Book can be used in conjunction with any healthy-eating program, or on its own. Each day, these upbeat prayers will remind you what really matters, make you feel less alone, and empower you to achieve your goal of healthful living.

From the Hardcover edition.

How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off!

Many people make New Years resolutions of losing weight, so this is a video including some tips on how to lose weight and keep it off. It includes tips on.

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The key to losing weight and keeping it off is maintaining low insulin levels. Based on Dr. Hyman's groundbreaking Blood Sugar Solution program, THE BLOOD SUGAR SOLUTION 10-DAY DETOX DIET presents strategies for reducing insulin levels and producing fast and sustained weight loss. Dr. Hyman explains how to: activate your natural ability to burn fat-especially belly fat; reduce inflammation; reprogram your metabolism; shut off your fat-storing genes; de-bug your digestive system; create effortless appetite control; and soothe the stress to shed the pounds. With practical tools designed to achieve optimum wellness, including meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists, as well as step-by-step, easy-to-follow advice on green living, supplements, medication, exercise, and more, THE BLOOD SUGAR SOLUTION 10-DAY DETOX DIET is the fastest way to lose weight, prevent disease, and feel your best.


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Try to follow these planning tips and key rules every day to stay on track with your weight-loss plan. From The Life Plan Diet. Cook enough protein and veggies to have meals ready in the fridge for several days. Always pack lunches and snacks to take with you, whether you are going on a short vacation or on a business trip for a couple of days. Have meal replacement bars and/or shakes on hand. Plan your meals according to your day’s activities—heavier meals before a workout, smaller meals before a nap or watching TV. 5. Always carry water with you—a no-calorie way to fill yourself up before, after, and between meals. Make a list of the reasons you want to lose body fat and keep it off forever. Take a “before” picture of yourself with your cell phone and look at it once a day. Photocopy your shopping list and keep a copy in your wallet, or type it into your cell phone as a permanent reminder of what you need to buy. Don’t eat unless you are sitting at a table. Avoid eating fast. Savor every bite. Try to spend at least 15 minutes eating each and every meal. You can make yourself slow down by taking 20 chews per bite and putting less food on your fork for every mouthful. It makes you feel and think that you’re eating more food than you really are. Don’t consume any calories for at least two hours before you go to bed. Make getting a good night’s sleep a priority. Avoid buffets and other places where there are many food choices—the more food choices you have the more you will eat too much of the wrong foods. No finger foods—ever. Keep bad food out of your house. Look away from the television when food commercials are thrown at you. Don’t eat bread when you’re on the road or any time you’re away from home. Stay out of the kitchen between meals. Don’t miss any meals. Eat every two to three hours. Packed with easy everyday menus and rules for eating out, tips for enhancing muscle mass and bone strength, foods that naturally increase testosterone levels and growth hormone, and good food habits for optimizing brain function, The Life Plan... , is the bestselling author of The Life Plan and Mastering the Life Plan. At a vibrant seventy-five years old, he is in great shape, still practicing medicine, and at the top of the healthy aging field. In 2012 Men’s Fitness magazine chose him as one of the top twenty-five fittest men in the world. He has been featured in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Esquire magazine, as well as national TV shows, including The Doctors, Steve Harvey, and The Dr. Phil Show. Source: Tips on Healthy Living

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Quoting Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum | Hawker Hurricane Mk. IIC: Hawker Chief Designer Sydney Camm's Hurricane ranks with the most important aircraft designs in military aviation history. Designed in the late 1930s, when monoplanes were considered unstable and too radical to be successful, the Hurricane was the first British monoplane fighter and the first British fighter to exceed 483 kilometers (300 miles) per hour in level flight. Hurricane pilots fought the Luftwaffe and helped win the Battle of Britain in the summer of 1940. This Mark IIC was built at the Langley factory, near what is now Heathrow Airport, early in 1944. It served as a training aircraft during the World War II in the Royal Air Force's 41 OTU. Donated by the Royal Air Force Museum Manufacturer: Hawker Aircraft Ltd. Date: 1944 Country of Origin: United Kingdom Dimensions: Wingspan: 12.2 m (40 ft) Length: 9.8 m (32 ft 3 in) Height: 4 m (13 ft) Weight, empty: 2,624 kg (5,785 lb) Weight,...
Photo by Chris Devers on Flickr
Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center: Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat
Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center: Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat
Quoting Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum | Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat: The Grumman F6F Hellcat was originally conceived as an advanced version of the U.S. Navy's then current front-line fighter, the F4F Wildcat (see NASM collection). The Wildcat's intended replacement, the Vought F4U Corsair (see NASM collection), first flown in 1940, was showing great promise, but development was slowed by problems, including the crash of the prototype. The National Air and Space Museum's F6F-3 Hellcat, BuNo. 41834, was built at Grumman's Bethpage, New York, factory in February 1944 under contract NOA-(S)846. It was delivered to the Navy on February 7, and arrived in San Diego, California, on the 18th. It was assigned to Fighter Squadron 15 (VF-15) on USS Hornet (CV12) bound for Hawaii. On arrival, it was assigned to VF-3 where it sustained damage in a wheels-up landing at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. After repair, it was assigned to VF-83 where it was used in a training role until February 21,...
Photo by Chris Devers on Flickr
How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off
How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off
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How To Lose Weight In A Week and Keep It Off
How To Lose Weight In A Week and Keep It Off
How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off
How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off