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GivMohr Sling: Small (Latex Free, Made in the USA by GivMohr Corporation, Albuquerque, NM) by GivMohr Sling

  • PROPER FIT CHECKLIST: After donning, check the following in...
  • Benefits of the GivMohr Sling: reduces shoulder subluxation,...


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The innovative GivMohr Sling, designed by an Occupational Therapist (OT) and a Physical Therapist (PT), is based on Neuro-Developmental Treatment (NDT) principles and is ideal for people who are up and walking after a stroke or other neurological injury. The GivMohr Sling can be worn to support either the left or right shoulder and arm by placing the uninvolved arm through the shoulder strap. All slings are LATEX-FREE and MADE IN THE USA by GivMohr Corporation in Albuquerque, NM.

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Rotator Cuff Swings on the Bosu

Take 2 dumbbells and stand upright on the bosu, with your elbows in line with your shoulders from a "face on" and "side on" perspective. Make a right angle at.

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ShoulderHorn, Size 2, MediumLarge, Rotator Cuff Training Device by (dba Shopping)

SIZE 2, MediumLarge, is for people who stand up to 6' tall and weigh up to 200 lbs. Locks your shoulder and arms to trainrehabilitate the shoulder in an abducted external rotation which trains your shoulders to work against great loads like lifting, throwing, and other overhead motions common in many sports. Designed so the weight of the upper arm is supported in the correct position, which isolates and strengthens primarily the muscles of rotator cuff, which is critical to strength and rehabilitation of the shoulder. Constructed of a single length of formed steel tubing, and is covered in dense foam padding making it extremely strong but VERY LIGHT IN WEIGHT (under 3 lbs). University study showed the ShoulderHorn was MORE EFFECTIVE for increasing external rotator strength than using dumbbells alone. ( Effects of the Shoulder horn and Lightweight Dumbbell Training on Shoulder External Rotators, published by Journal of Physcial Therapy Science.). (SIZE 2, ML, for people who stand up to 6' tall and weigh up to 200 lbs) The ShoulderHorn is for anyone who desires to eliminate shoulder pain and significantly improve their shoulder strength in any sport. Shoulder pain and weakness is due to muscular imbalances caused by repetitive activities with your shoulder. Throwing a baseball, swinging a tennis racket, benching a barbell, are examples. This repetitive activity causes your upper arm to shift out of position in the shoulder joint. This presses against nearby nerves and muscles. This pressure and constricted blood flow erodes the strength of the muscles in your ROTATOR CUFF. Gradually shoulder strength erodes and shoulder pain begins. CORRECT THIS MUSCULAR IMBALANCE WITH A SIMPLE EFFECTIVE REHABILITATION PROGRAM. . The cure is to counter this imbalance. The structure of your shoulder can be moved back to its natural position with basic stretching exercises and by strengthening your ROTATOR CUFF with the SHOULDERHORN. The ShoulderHorn


4 Mistakes That Could Be Slowing Your Injury Recovery

Discovering a fitness routine that’s actually enjoyable is like finding buried treasure in the workout wasteland. Instead of avoiding doing something good for your body, you may find you can’t wait to run that next race or attend another group fitness class. The excitement can turn to frustration when aches and pains start popping up. Soon enough, you could find yourself with a full-blown injury that prevents you from engaging in your choice activity. For most guys, the next step is scheduling a physical therapy appointment. You’ll address not just your specific ailment, but your overall strength, range of motion , and ability to control movements. Then you’ll figure out a timeline, which is often four to six weeks, to get you back in the game. With the help of some industry exerts, we’ve uncovered four mistakes you could be making without even realizing it. Read on to find out where your recovery may be going wrong so you stop feeling lousy and put that injury to rest once and for all. Waiting too long before addressing an injury Feeling a twinge in your knee or ankle from time to time isn’t that unusual. But when those occasional pains become a persistent problem, you could be on the path to a nasty ailment. While most of us are tempted to ignore the pain, convinced it will go away on its own, that strategy could end up leaving you completely unable to participate in your favorite sport in a few weeks. Brian Hoy , PT, director of clinical operations, and director of spine care at Pivot Physical Therapy, said visiting your physical therapist when the pain first starts is the better plan. Doing so can “prevent that shoulder pain from developing into a rotator cuff tear or prevent that IT band pain from developing into a lumbar dysfunction,” he said. Things are a bit different if you get a one-time injury like a sprain. You’ll need to stay off that leg as much as possible initially, but you should make every effort to see the physical therapist about three days after the incident. “That sort of thing could actually fast-forward somebody’s ability to walk a little bit — by several weeks, sometimes,” said Jonathan Jezequel , DPT and director of medical and physical therapy at New York Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy. Source: The Cheat Sheet » The Cheat Sheet

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    09/28/15 ,via Massage Today

    Subscap-attack was fondly named by one of my clients who enjoys playing golf 4 to 5 days a week. As I was working on the subscapularis and she was laughing to ignore how uncomfortable this muscle is to be worked on, she gleefully named what I was 

  • Saints vs. Panthers: What's the Game Plan for Carolina?

    09/26/15 ,via Bleacher Report

    Brees has never missed a start in his Saints career due to injury, but according to Saints coach Sean Payton, Brees' bruised rotator cuff is just too much for him to handle this week. Payton spoke of Brees' injury, per He's just not going to be

  • Injury won't end Brooke Sweat Olympic volleyball hopes

    09/22/15 ,via The News-Press

    Brooke Sweat didn't want to see the pictures of her struggling in the California sand, right shoulder in shreds, a reminder there is a limit to how much pain her mind can overcome. Even if it's a pretty high threshold. Playing through three FIVB world


  • Roasted Lamb Shoulder (

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  • Caucasus-Style Braised Pork Shoulder

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  • The Athlete's Shoulder

    Elsevier Health Sciences. 2015. ISBN: 9780443067013,0443067015. 876 pages.

    The latest edition of this in-depth look at athletic injuries of the shoulder has been updated to feature 16 new chapters, additional illustrations and algorithms, an added focus on arthroscopic treatments, and pearls that highlight key information. Additional contributing authors give you a fresh spin on new and old topics from rehabilitation exercises to special coverage of female athletes, pediatrics, and golfers. This book offers coverage of arthroscopy, total joint replacement, instability, football, tennis, swimming, and gymnastic injuries, rotator cuff injuries, and much, much more! The large range of topics covered in this text ensures that it's a great resource for orthopaedists, physical therapists, athletic trainers, and primary care physicians. Presents a multidisciplinary...

  • The Scientific and Clinical Application of Elastic Resistance

    Human Kinetics. 2015. ISBN: 0736036881,9780736036887. 352 pages.

    Gain a solid base in the science behind elastic resistance exercise and learn the latest clinical applications for rehabilitation and fitness. The Scientific and Clinical Application of Elastic Resistanceis the most comprehensive guide to elastic resistance exercise. With this expansive reference, students and clinicians will learn how to deliver the most effective clinical and home exercise programs for patients and clients as well as tailor individual programs to improve physical conditioning and sport-specific abilities. The book's 430 photographs show how to perform a variety of exercises using elastic resistance bands and tubing. The companion CD-ROM (which can be purchased separately from the link below when it is available) contains all the exercises in the book, making it one of...

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  • Preview: Cowboys at Saints

    10/02/15 ,via WSBT 22

    Nursing a bruised rotator cuff in his right shoulder, the veteran quarterback made the proclamation on Wednesday during a taping of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.Brees has been a limited participant in practice on both Wednesday and Thursday after sitting out ...

  • Burnaby Physiotherapist Explains Rotator Cuff Injuries in New Article

    10/01/15 ,via

    To provide the best care, they've released an article to help the public understand what causes shoulder injuries-and how they are treated. Read more at: "The four ...

  • Pacman open to fight Khan

    09/30/15 ,via Philstar

    “Okay naman (It’s okay),” said Pacquiao, back in the swing of things more than four months after the surgery on the torn rotator cuff in his right shoulder. But it will all depend on the negotiations. “Wala pa. Nag-uusap pa sila (Nothing ye

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Rotator cuff injuries are commonly associated with motions that require repeated overhead ... "Rehabilitation of the shoulder following rotator cuff injury or ...

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The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that attach to the bones of the shoulder joint, allowing the shoulder to move and keeping it stable.

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Rotator cuff repair is a type of surgery to repair a torn tendon in the shoulder. The procedure can be done with a large (open) incision or with shoulder ...

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