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PROTECT-HER Pepper Spray Bundle - 3 Piece Self Defense Kit for Women - 20ml Compact Pepper Spray, Personal Attack Alarm w/ LED, Self-Defense Pen & Training Guide - Developed by a Security Expert! by PROTECT-HER

  • MADE IN THE USA - We are Based in Temecula, CA and Provide Good...
  • FACE-BOMB PEPPER SPRAY - Military Strength 3 in 1 Formula, 25...
  • PERSONAL ATTACK ALARM - Compact and Loud to Draw Attention and...


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"ARE YOU TIRED OF PEOPLE TELLING YOU, 'YOU'RE BEING TOO SENSITIVE'?" This book will teach you 6 simple, straight-forward, easy-to-follow steps for dealing with real world bullies in the workplace so you can put an end to their abuse for good. It's inevitable that people are going to occasionally say or do things that leave you feeling embarrassed, angry, ashamed, confused or upset. This book contains all the tools and techniques you'll ever need to handle those situations efficiently and effectively. No more sitting around feeling frustrated, looking back on an experience, thinking, "What I should have said was...!" Whether it's your boss, supervisor, co-worker, colleague, client, customer or a member of your own staff, you now hold in your hands a proven system to handle any incident in an appropriate, professional manner - while keeping your integrity intact. "Acknowledging your right to mental and emotional safety will help set the limits on what you are and are not willing to put up with." "Real and tangible advice about communication - which provides empowerment, as opposed to [mere] counseling - which [only] facilitates the victim-mentality." Catherine Mattice, "Practical advice, guidelines and exercises for evaluating and dealing effectively with workplace bullies." Janet Attard,

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Renegade Strike Force Python Knife - 4.5in Blade - RT109 by (dba Shopping)

Tackle any job with the Strike Force OPS Python. This covert sleek knife comes with a 3CR13 stonewash serrated blade with tactical grip and is ready for work. The Renegade Tough sheath tames the Python until it is ready to strike. Good for everyday jobs and close combat self defense.


CRKT Drumfire Knife CR2031 Columbia River Knife & Tool by (dba Shopping)

Dont let its small size fool you-the Crawford-designed CRKT Drumfire Knife is more than capable of handling burly tasks. With its small, concealable tanto blade, it makes an excellent everyday tactical knife thats just as well suited to self-defense as it is to everyday cutting tasks. Its crafted from thick steel so it can handle the same jobs as bigger knives, and holes in the handle keep the weight to a minimum.