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Banish the bloodsuckers from your professional life

Whether it's a coworker, subordinate, or boss, there's at least one emotional vampire in every office. These people try your patience, sap your energy, and add an entirely unhealthy dynamic to workplace productivity. The bestselling author of Emotional Vampires and Dinosaur Brains shows you how to spot and deal effectively with these dysfunctional elements in the workplace:

ANTISOCIALS, who crave excitement in all its forms, including aggression
If your boss or a coworker is trying to push you around . . .
Learn that the most important battle to fight with a bully is in your own mind.

HISTRIONICS, who believe that what it looks like is more important than what it is
If your boss thinks any problem can be solved with a motivational seminar . . .
Learn how to get a manager wannabe to actually manage.

NARCISSISTS, who believe that the universe revolves around them
If your CEO makes Louis XVI look like Gandhi . . .
Learn techniques that diplomats have used throughout history to teach infantile monarchs to act like grown-ups.

OBSESSIVE-COMPULSIVES, who can't seem to see the forest for the trees
If there is absolutely no task that your boss considers too small to micromanage . . .
Learn to be a Control-Freak Whisperer by seeing your boss's fear rather than your own irritation.

PARANOIDS, who think they've found the simple truths that explain everything
If you work in a place where you can't get ahead unless you drink the Kool-Aid . . .
Learn how to recognize a toxic belief system before it poisons you.

VAMPIRE CULTURES: when vampires get promoted to positions of power, they remake organizations in their own image . . .
Learn the 15 warning signs that tell you to get out before sunset.


"We love so much about this book! A great complement to Dealing with People You Can't Stand, it goes beyond dealing with the merely difficult behavior to the truly pathological. Bernstein offers believable examples and useful descriptions. This is the book to recommend when the topic of truly horrible behavior comes up!" -- Dr. Rick Kirschner and Dr. Rick Brinkman, authors of the international bestseller Dealing with People You Can't Stand

"This book equips individuals with the tools to identify and defend against a wide array of emotional vampires at work. It offers well-developed tactics for navigating the most difficult people in any organization." -- Katherine Crowley and Kathi Elster, bestselling authors of Working with You Is Killing Me and Mean Girls at Work

"It's amazing how one manipulative, territorial, or otherwise self-serving boss or employee can make the lives of everyone around miserable. In Emotional Vampires at Work, Albert Bernstein offers concrete, step-by-step guidance to manage life around these misfits. You'll learn to take care of your and your valued colleagues' needs, while contributing your best to your organization―with maturity and sanity." -- Nancy Ancowitz, author of Self-Promotion for Introverts

Self-Defence Tutorial from 1933

Self defence class, 1933. This is May Whitley explaining the aim of jujutsu. Great slow motion in this tutorial. ___ Specially interested in War.

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Gerber - 45803 - Rescue Knife, 7-1/2In, Tactical, Black by (dba Shopping)

Remember the very first time you saw an image of the Stealth Bomber? With its aggressive lines and matte black paint job? Well the Guardian Back-Up probably belongs on board that bird. Because the overall look and attitude is much the same. This is a professional fixed blade knife that takes a mighty serious cut at self defense. It features blackened and therefore non-reflective stainless steel in a 3/4 tang blade. Its lightweight. Its compact. Its effortless to carry, and agile to use. Importantly, the Santoprene-covered nylon handle is very much at home in the hand of those who take on life's nastier tasks. Don't overlook the patented sheath. It lets you adjust the withdraw tension to suit your individual style. Clip it to your boot or belt or your strap, and you'll never be without a reliable back-up.


CRKT Drumfire Knife CR2031 Columbia River Knife & Tool by (dba Shopping)

Dont let its small size fool you-the Crawford-designed CRKT Drumfire Knife is more than capable of handling burly tasks. With its small, concealable tanto blade, it makes an excellent everyday tactical knife thats just as well suited to self-defense as it is to everyday cutting tasks. Its crafted from thick steel so it can handle the same jobs as bigger knives, and holes in the handle keep the weight to a minimum.


On-The-Job Dangers: Realtors Learn Self-Defense - WDAY

Berkshire Hathaway Realtor, Meagan Margheim, says, “You meet new people every day, and you never know who you're opening the door to. ”. As a new realtor, every showing is a different experience for Meagan Margheim. Margheim says, “It made me pretty nervous. A man had stayed there the entire time. An uneasy feeling took over, and she had her fiancé to stay with her so she wouldn't be alone. But Margheim’s not the only one in her profession with concerns. Last summer, a Fargo realtor had a man call her, say he knew where she lived and threatened to rape her. That is why she's and others are here, taking in tips from police and learning how to protect themselves from self-defense instructor Paul Dyer. Dyer says, “If you're not will to fight for your life, you're not going to make it. ”. In the class, they learned warning signs and how to get away from an attacker. Dyer says, “We don't teach fighting. Dyer says if you can't get away, swing as much as you can. “You just have to do enough to get away and get to safety,” says Dyer. Amy is proud to be a Red River Valley native and cover stories that matter to her community. In college, Amy met her husband, WDAY’s Jody Norstedt, while interning at WDAZ in Grand Forks. She started at WDAY in April 2014 and is currently a weekend anchor and producer, as well as a reporter. Have a news idea. Amy would love to share your story or investigate an issue you’re concerned about. Source:

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  • On-The-Job Dangers: Realtors Learn Self-Defense

    09/22/15 ,via WDAY

    That is why she's and others are here, taking in tips from police and learning how to protect themselves from self-defense instructor Paul Dyer. Dyer says, “If you're not will to fight for your life, you're not going to make it.” In the class, they

  • Self-defense?

    09/20/15 ,via The Inter-Mountain

    Property tax relief may be needed for coal industry. September 21, 2015. Inter-Mountain. Save | Post a comment |. Between 2012 and 2014, the number of coal mines in West Virginia plummeted. So did coal industry employment and revenue 

  • Job-Hopping Or Self-Defense? PsychTests' Study Reveals Top Ten Reasons ...

    09/19/15 ,via Benzinga

    43% of the people in PsychTests' study would feel compelled to quit their job if a better opportunity arose – one that allowed them to advance their career and expand their professional skills; 28% of the sample have already quit a job (or several jobs


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  • Better Self Defense Series Boxset

    Neal Martin. 2015.

    Renowned combatives instructor and self defense writer, Neal Martin presents his no nonsense, practical and highly effective approach to self defense in his bestselling book series. Everything you need to know about self defense and combatives in one place! Self Defense Tips Everyone Should Know Reviews: "...a book extrapolated from real world experience that is based on reality and not academic theory." "...what you read here could very well save your life someday." "...the ONLY book I've read that has given me any real confidence in my ability to defend myself properly. GET IT." In this book you will learn: How to properly take responsibility for your personal safety How to formulate a self defense game plan that works How to sharpen your awareness skills and stay "switched on" How to...

  • Ethnic Los Angeles

    Russell Sage Foundation. 1996. ISBN: 9781610445474,1610445473. 512 pages.

    Since 1965 more immigrants have come to Los Angeles than anywhere else in the United States. These newcomers have rapidly and profoundly transformed the city's ethnic makeup and sparked heated debate over their impact on the region's troubled economy. Ethnic Los Angeles presents a multi-investigator study of L.A.'s immigrant population, exploring the scope, characteristics, and consequences of ethnic transition in the nation's second most populous urban center. Using the wealth of information contained in the U.S. censuses of 1970, 1980, and 1990, essays on each of L.A.'s major ethnic groups tell who the immigrants are, where they come from, the skills they bring and their sources of employment, and the nature of their families and social networks. The contributors explain the history...

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  • Eric Mangini: 49ers defense must be disciplined against Aaron Rodgers’ hard count

    Almost no defense has been more generous this season than the 49ers ... committing a defensive offside only once in each of those wins over Green Bay. “He does a really good job with the hard count,” 49ers defensive tackle Quinton Dial said.

  • Police Officer (Academy Graduate) Job - City of Concord - Concord, California

    10/01/15 ,via Police

    to become proficient in self-defense techniques, and in the care and use of firearms; to follow oral and written instructions; and to deal courteously and effectively with the general public. The City of Concord is an Equal Opportunity/Veteran’s ...

  • Gov. Rick Scott denies inmate’s plea for mercy in ‘warning shot’ case

    10/01/15 ,via The Miami Herald

    Orville “Lee” Wollard fired a single warning shot in self-defense that hurt no one but sent him to prison ... place_number1 Wollard, now 60, was a first-time offender with a master’s degree and a job as a human resources specialist at Sea World.

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The United States Border Patrol is a federal law enforcement agency within U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), a component of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Its 20,200 Agents[1] are primarily responsible for immigration and border law enforcement as codified in the Immigration and Nationality Act. Their duty is to prevent terrorists and terrorist weapons from entering the United States and to deter, detect, and apprehend illegal aliens and individuals involved in the illegal drug trade who enter the United States other than through designated ports of entry. Additionally, the CBP enforces federal controlled substances laws (as codified in the Controlled Substances Act) when violations occur or are found during the enforcement of federal immigration laws, via delegated authority from the Drug Enforcement Administration. Note that there are two personnel segments of U.S. Customs and Border Protection that people often confuse with each other, the CBP Officer [1],...
Photo by roberthuffstutter on Flickr
A U.S. Air Force F-16C Fighting Falcon aircraft assigned to the 18th Aggressor Squadron flies a simulated air-to-air combat mission in support of Cope North 13 near Anderson Air Force Base, Guam, Feb. 12, 2013. The squadron's job was to know, teach and replicate a simulated enemy threat. Cope North is an annual air combat tactics, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief exercise designed to increase the readiness and interoperability of the U.S. Air Force, Japan Air Self-Defense Force and Royal Australian Air Force. (DoD photo by Senior Airman Matthew Bruch, U.S. Air Force/Released)
USACE park rangers train for self defense
USACE park rangers train for self defense
SANTA CRUZ, Calif. — U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District Success Lake park ranger Nicole Arbelo uses training pepper spray on San Francisco District Lake Mendocino park ranger Wayne Shull during annual training for the Corps’ South Pacific Division park rangers here, March 16, 2011. The mandatory training serves more than 100 park rangers from Corps districts in the southwestern United States. “The training they receive here this week helps them to assist each other in all types of situations,” said Jon Friedman, senior district ranger for the Corps’ Sacramento District and the lead pepper spray instructor for the division. “These rangers are like family to each other, and knowing how to use these tactics and tools helps them to defend themselves and their brothers and sisters on the job.” Corps park rangers must complete certification training annually to carry pepper spray for self defense. (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers photo)
Photo by USACE HQ on Flickr
Self Defense Books! Pros, Cons, & How to know if It's Good or Not!
Self Defense Books! Pros, Cons, & How to know if It's Good or Not!
Improvised Self-Defense Weapons: The Right Tool for the Job?
Improvised Self-Defense Weapons: The Right Tool for the Job?
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