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Rapala Pro Bass Fishing with Rod Peripheral - Nintendo Wii by Activision

  • Over 50 competitive contests, including challenges based on...
  • Players can fish by themselves, compete, or challenge friends in...
  • Features an all-new Rapala Rod & Reel peripheral for the Wii remote...


Product Description

Experience pro tournament fishing action like never before! Dominate the Pro Bass Tour with Rapala Pro Bass Fishing, featuring an all new Rapala Rod & Reel peripheral for the Wii. Featuring full motion controls, players will be able to cast, reel, jig, set the hook and more as if they had an actual fishing rod in their hands. Rapala Pro Bass Fishing pits players against real-life fishing pros on top freshwater lakes across North America - only the finest techniques and equipment will determine who is the best of the best. For the first time ever in a fishing game, the competition is set up in a professional tournament structure and the action is presented as a live TV event with announcers (including Barry Brueland, the voice of InFisherman TV), live updates, competitive leader boards, analysis, and heart-pounding final weigh-ins. The competition gets tough as you fish through over 20 tournament events on your quest for the season trophy.

Product Description

You'll either score the catch of the century or the one that got away in this highly realistic fishing adventure.