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Nashville, Tennessee: A dream destination throughout the year - The Southern

Back when I was still living in Southern Illinois and beginning my communications career in Cape Girardeau as a country music DJ at KZYM, Nashville, Tennessee, was my dream. Of course, that’s where all of the music stars were headed, and it seemed to be such a glamorous destination. I no longer spin country music for a living, but Nashville is still a dream destination, particularly for those living in Southern Illinois, and a quick, three-hour jaunt south on Interstate 24 reveals a sophisticated southern culture that... My husband and I have traveled around the world, and a trip to Nashville is as enjoyable as any place we’ve ever been. It’s a place as comfortable as home, but with enough fun stuff going on every day and night that you want to get off the couch and down the road to Music City USA. One of our favorite things to do is simply walk along Lower Broadway, or Lower Broad as they call it. This is where some of the great old honky-tonks are, where the likes of Jimmy Rodgers, Ernest Tubbs and Hank Williams strummed their guitars in... Don’t be tempted by the recent glitzy glamour of the Hard Rock Café. Serious country music lovers cringe that a Hard Rock is even in the vicinity of places like Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, the granddaddy of Nashville honky-tonks. You’ll hear live music and enjoy people watching at any hour of the day or night on Lower Broad, so come often during your visit. As you’re planning your Nashville trip, make your first reservation at the Bluebird Café. Located in a strip mall next to a children’s clothing store and a gold exchange, the Bluebird doesn’t look like much from the outside, but don’t be discouraged. this is the hottest place in Nashville for original music. This is where songwriters come to debut their work, often talking about the creative process and how they struggled with the words and the sound. Sunday and Monday nights are first-come, first-serve, but you might find yourself standing in line for hours. This is a place for listening, so turn those phones off and tune your ears to the music. When it’s over, you, too, will want to grab a guitar and a notebook and create something beautiful. We last visited Nashville during Tin Pan South – the world’s largest songwriters festival. It takes place for five days each March, and it’s not too soon to start planning for next year. About a dozen venues sell tickets to events that focus on the words and the people who put those words on paper. Often, you get to hear the raw version of some of your favorite songs, before it was tweaked and hyped and hacked in a production studio. If you like music, any kind of music, Tin Pan South is an event you must experience. Of course, no visit to Nashville is complete without exploring the Country Music Hall of Fame. Even if you don’t really like country music, the museum does a fabulous job of explaining the role of music in society and how music is just one way we document our history and how we’ve grown as a culture. Sounds like serious stuff, but you can also have fun with free instrument demonstrations on Sundays or Saturday morning sessions with songwriters, or just looking at the ridiculously sparkly costumes that music stars of a previous generous once wore. Taylor Swift has donated one of her touring busses to the Hall of Fame, as well as funds to create a music education center within the hall. The after-school programs are incredibly popular with teenagers, but toddlers through senior citizens can grab a paint brush or a guitar and explore the artform that has made Taylor Swift a household name. Check the calendar of events before you head to Nashville to see what you might be able to enroll your kids in. Offerings change on a weekly basis. While many people have visited the Country Music Hall of Fame -- a must if you’re in Nashville -- not as many make their way over to Historic Studio B. This is where Elvis recorded more than 250 songs, where Floyd Cramer tickled the ivories, where... It’s such a low-tech place to have seen such great music bounce off its padded walls, but, yep, this is where it happened, where many of the songs we sing along with first took form. Source: thesouthern.com

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  • Nashville, Tennessee: A dream destination throughout the year

    06/27/15 ,via The Southern

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  • Children learn how to make pie crust, grilled cheese sandwiches at supermarket summer camp

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    The kids made chocolate brownie pop Maleficent heads with Tootsie Roll horns, miniature apple pies with from ... sugar and water with their fingers for an old-fashioned homemade crust. "I can handle the mess," Howell said, brushing off the fact that ...

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    The researchers didn't test the theory themselves, though. They used a mathematical model and a giant homemade ball of candy. When Tootsie Roll heard about the project, tehy sent over boxes for "research."

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Don, Tootsie and Granny Winthrop at the summit of Washington Pass
Don, Tootsie and Granny Winthrop at the summit of Washington Pass
Twisp Maintenance Supervisor Don Becker poses with Tootsie Clark of Clark's Skagit River Resort in Marblemount and Granny Winthrop (Georgia Sanders) of the Winthrop Chamber of Commerce. Tootsie served cinnamon rolls and coffee to those in line for the reopening at Diablo Gate on the west side, while Georgia passed out homemade candy from Sheri's Sweet Shop in Winthrop (courtesy of owner Don 'Candy man' Mohre) to those who were waiting for the Silver Star gate to open on the eastside.
Photo by WSDOT on Flickr
Homemade tootsie rolls
Homemade tootsie rolls
Photo by WikiTeresa on Flickr
Homemade tootsie rolls
Homemade tootsie rolls
Photo by WikiTeresa on Flickr
Homemade Tootsie Rolls Candy
Homemade Tootsie Rolls Candy
Image by pinterest.com
Homemade Tootsie Rolls
Homemade Tootsie Rolls
Image by pinterest.com
balancing beauty and bedlam-homemade tootsie rolls
balancing beauty and bedlam-homemade tootsie rolls
Image by pinterest.com