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Super Crisp Grilled Seaweed Hot Chili Squid Flavor (Pack of 6) by Tao Kae Noi

  • Size: Net wt. 24 g. Quantity: 6 packs
  • Taokaenoi Flavour: Hot Chili Squid
  • Good for health with no cholesterol


Product Description

Snack type: Grilled seaweed Brand: Taokaenoi Flavour: Hot Chili Squid Condition: New in package with factory seal General information: Taokaenoi Japanese Fried Seaweed is manufactured by high quality machine. Taokaenoi seaweed is clean, freshness, crispy and natural delicious taste. You can enjoy this product everywhere and everytime. Because of Japanese Seaweed have low calories, so this product will good for your health with no cholesterol. Besides this, Japanese Seaweed have high nutrients and mineral such as protein, vitamins and chlorophyll which can protect hair damage and make more black hair. Japanese Seaweed compose with fatty acid that necessary for delivery oxygen from blood to systemic cell in our body. So you can reach good health not only your healthy hair, skin but also your nails. Taikaenoi seaweed contains Omega-3, DHA & EPA. Quantity: 6 packs Size: Net wt. 24 g. Product of Thailand