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BBQ BROS RUBS {Southern Style} - Ultimate Barbecue Spices Seasoning Set - Use for Grilling, Cooking, Smoking - Meat Rub, Dry Marinade, Rib Rub - Backed with 100% Customer Guarantee by BBQ BROS RUBS

  • 5 STAR CUSTOMER RATING: For Over 5 Years with 350+ Customer Reviews...
  • HANDCRAFTED PREMIUM BBQ RUBS: Includes {Memphis-10oz, New...


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•BULK JARS: Comes in a 3 pack set-Memphis Style, New Orleans Style, and Carolina Style
•AUTHENTIC INGREDIENTS: From that particular region used for each BBQ Rub
•HANDCRAFTED AWARD WINNINGS RUBS: Both in local and regional BBQ Tournaments
•KANSAS CITY BARBEQUE SOCIETY (KCBS): BBQ Bros is a proud member for over 5+ Years
•VERSATILE BBQ RUBS: That can be used as a dry marinade for meats, pork, poultry, ribs, fish, and seafood
•DESIGNED FOR ANY GRILLING PREFERENCE: This product is designed for using on the grill, in the kitchen, or the smoker


•PREMIUM TAILGATING PACKAGE: Make sure to order with BBQ Bros Gear to complete the kit
•GIFT WRAPPING & FAST SHIPPING: Options are available. Standard two day shipping with prime or rush delivery options are also available during checkout
•WORLD FAMOUS BBQ BROS: Brand recognition amongst the BBQ pro's & aficionado's. BBQ BROS RUBS are engineered to be SUPREME QUALITY products this is why it sets the standard in the industry

ORDER NOW and see for yourself why BBQ BROS RUBS is the MOST RECOGNIZED & PREMIER BRAND in the industry.

FreshJax Grilling Spice Gift Set, (Set of 5) by FreshJax

  • SMALL FAMILY BUSINESS - FreshJax is family owned and operated since...
  • HEALTHY WILL TASTE AMAZING - whatever the diet, these fit them all...
  • THE PERFECT GIFT - for house warming, graduation, mother's day,...


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These handcrafted gourmet spice GIFT SETS are perfect for every occasion! Give the gift of flavor in five easy to use blends. Each bottle is packed with love and the very best ingredients available. These high quality glass bottles are packaged with care into a gift box with a box and then slipped inside of a bubble bag provided by FreshJax, then boxed up at Amazon for shipment to your loved one. The bottles are just the right size to sample out the fun flavors to find a favorite. These premium blends are low in sodium to create fun flavors at the same time as helping people eat healthier.

- GRILL MASTER: Be the master of your backyard grill with Grill Master Seasoning. From veggies to proteins, this spice gives it all a distinct, well-rounded flavor.

- SMOKEY SOUTHWEST: Smokey Southwest has just the right amount of spice to heat things up from the grill to taco night.

- CITRUS PEPPER: A unique twist on classic lemon pepper seasoning, Citrus Pepper uses lemon, lime, and orange blended with a variety of peppercorns for a bright and refreshing flavor!

- FRESH BAY: Our fresh take on that famous sea seasoning, but with more flavor and half the sodium! Fantastic with potatoes (french fries, potato wedges) and grilled veggies.

- PEPPERED HABANERO: Spicy and peppery, this seasoning blend adds heat and bold cracked black pepper flavor to any dish!

100% satisfaction guarantee, so there is nothing to lose here. Please go ahead and click "add to cart". FreshJax is a small family business since 2011. Your purchase is helping the FreshJax employees who handcraft the product daily, our vendors, as well as local charities. Thank You!!! :)

How to Flavour/Cure your new BBQ Grill or Smoker

Before you use your Grill or Smoker for the 1st heyday, you need to take the time to season/cure it properly. This ensures that the food you prepare tastes its.

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Classic Accessories Ravenna BBQ Grill Cover - Xxl Taupe - Xxl - 4Cs by (dba Shopping)

The Ravenna grill covers from Classic Accessories combine a striking style with durability, fade-resistance and convenient features. Reinforced padded handles make removal easy while double-stitched seams add strength and a stylish accent. Structured vents stay open to prevent wind lofting and mildew and are lined with mesh barriers. Laminate backing keeps your grill dry while elastic hem cords move easily through a special channel for a snug fit. Four (4) custom-colored buckles keep your cover secure in any weather. Adjustable webbing belts slide easily for a tailored look. Striped webbing adds an attractive accent and is unique to the Ravenna collection.4-year manufacturer's warranty. FitsMedium grills up to 58L 24W 48HLarge grills up to 64L 24W 48H X-Large grills up to 70L 24W 48HXX-Large deeper grill up to72in L 26in W 51in H Stock No.55-140-035101-EC55-141-045101-EC55-142-055101-EC 55-193-065101-EC ColorDark Taupe with Mushroom and Espresso details Not designed to entirely cover the wheel or leg bottomsWarranty Lifetime 4-Year3-Year 3-Year 1-Year1-Year Fabric Weather10 woven polyester with a wipe-clean PVC undercoatingGardelle One woven polyester with UV stabilizer coating and PVC backingGardelle woven polyester with PVC backing Gardelle woven polyester with PVC backing Rain-Tite woven polyester with PVC backingWeatherPro 3-ply non-woven polypropyleneAll-Season Protection


Coghlans 72 Multi Grill BBQ Seasonings Shaker by (dba Shopping)

Seasoning shakerGreat way to spice up your mealIncludes 4 popular herbs and spicesGoes best with chicken, steak, and seafoodFlip top lid for convenience


Summer Shandy Grilling Occasionally…Tex-Mex Brisket

Bring credit to oneself Twain Given our much improved weather, 65º + for Eastern NC I decided to get the Primo grill ready to smoke a beef brisket which takes hours to smoke, but sumptuously worth the effort (or lack there of) in the end. I prepared the marinade for the brisket, an appropriate Tex-Mex style dry rub the day before and prepped the brisket for an overnight marinade so the greater part of the outmoded on smoking day was monitoring the temperatures of the grill and the hunk... Seasoned with lime juice, red wine vinegar and pinches of seafood seasoning adding some lime grilled shrimp just before serving. It was still too nippy to eat out on the porch, but dinner shared with good friends is all the warmth and comfort that a person can ask for at times. I also thank all of them for their contributions to our lazy dinner, the tortillas, salsa, coconut cube and strawberries great. Serve with warm tortillas, or ciabatta rolls, salsa, guacamole, and plenty of the BBQ sauce…Looking forward to the brisket “Caldillo” using leftover brisket…that MO can be found in Recipes/Soup’s on. Marinade ingredients for 1-5 pound brisket. Marinate brisket in a container large enough for the brisket or large zip food storage bag and axe the brisket often. 2 ounces of blended Good Season Italian dressing. 1/4 large red onion, diced. 1/2 cup Tamari soy brass. 2 teaspoons brown sugar. 2 teaspoons brisket rub. Blend the marinade, pour over brisket and marinate for at least 8 hours. Rub ingredient amounts are as established, not accurately measured and you can add other spices or find a good rub in the market, I do the best guessing amounts with what i put together…. The basics for my brisket rub are common ingredients and the following makes enough for several briskets or other smoked or grilled meats and poultry. 1+1/2 teaspoons Mexican oregano. 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon red chili flakes. 1 tablespoon peaceable New Mexico chili powder (find small packets in the Mexican food aisle). 1/2 half tablespoon other sweet red chili dominance. about 1/2 cup sweet paprika + *(optional 1/2 teaspoon hot paprika). 3 tablespoons of dark brown sugar. 1+1/2 tablespoon granulated garlic. 1+1/2 tablespoon scope cumin. After marinating the brisket for at least 8 hours pat it dry with paper towels and rub down with the brisket rub, allow the brisket to sit at room temperature for at least 1 hour before smoking. Get the gas or charcoal smoker prone and maintain a temperature of at least 190-200º – 215º. The brisket took about 6 hours of smoking time or until the internal temperature reached 190º and another 1-1/2 – 2 hours of wrapped resting previously. Thinly slice the brisket and serve with BBQ Sauce…I love Adam Perry Lang’s BBQ Sauce, but you can use any favorite western style BBQ sauce, preferably homemade, but not fated. I make a lot of Adam’s sauce and stash it in the freezer in 1 cup containers. com/recipes/printrecipe/apl-bbq-sauce. Source: Cucina Magia


RT @SavorySpiceHou: Mate to grill burgers at home? Try our Homestead Seasoning. It's awesome on burgers!! #HouBBQ #bbq… 03/14/15, @HouBBQ
RT @SavorySpiceHou: Passion to grill burgers at home? Try our Homestead Seasoning. It's awesome on burgers!! #HouBBQ #bbq… 03/14/15, @GardenDreamsTX
Attraction to grill burgers at home? Try our Homestead Seasoning. It's awesome on burgers!! #HouBBQ #bbq 03/14/15, @SavorySpiceHou


  • BBQ Beans

    bacon, barbecue sauce, brown sugar, garlic, green pepper, ham, jalapeno, kidney bean, onions, pink beans, pork chops


  • Dr. BBQ's "Barbecue All Year Crave!" Cookbook

    Macmillan. 2007. ISBN: 1429906340,9781429906340. 320 pages.

    Dr. BBQ says, "Barbecue's not just for summer anymore!" Ray Lampe is a crusader for the barbecue lifestyle and he's encouraging people in the snow-loudly to shovel out the grill and smoker in winter while high fivin' his sun belt fans. Dr. BBQ's new book is a twelve month celebration of barbecue as Ray considers seasonal cuisine, tells readers how to be a wintertime barbecue chef and talks about how to advertise a family event "barbecue style". With over 200 hundred recipes, Ray's menus center around holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas as through as Groundhog Day (a cold climate menu, if he sees his shadow, and a tropical one, if he doesn't), the opening of the Daytona 500, Elvis's Birthday and more. It's another finger lickin' enlist, hot off the grill from the king of 'cue, Dr. BBQ.

  • Weeknight Grilling with the BBQ Queens

    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. 2006. ISBN: 9781558325876,1558325875. 256 pages.

    100 unexacting-to-make, versatile recipes for weeknight dinners on the grill.

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  • KX Sports Show Underway

    03/13/15 ,via KX News

    "Tanya Owens with Owens BBQ out of Glenburn and our favorite three items for the show are the Tatanka Dust seasoning, our jerky packs, as accurately as our little smoke generators that you can turn your gas grill into a smoker." (Poncho McDougall, Wing-it Quick ...

  • Steak, Call off chatter, & Grill Stand and New Food Items Announced for 2015

    03/13/15 ,via OurSports Central

    Grill: Philly (Eats option with bell peppers, onions, and four-blend mozzarella), Snakebite (Meat option, Cajun seasoning, Sriracha aioli, and pepper jack cheese), and Western (Eatables option, BBQ sauce, Bacon, and cheddar cheese). Fans may select one of two ...

  • Pulled pork tacos with charred corn slaw and chipotle lime mayo

    03/11/15 ,via Daily Life

    My paramour for bbq glows as hot and bright as the embers on a hibachi grill or hickory chip and this version is ... I've swayed from the purists here, adding more to the seasoning and sauce than the brown sugar and brackish cure that most recommend but after ...

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plain grilled salmon
plain grilled salmon
not any olive oil + cheasapeake seasoning + coarse salt
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4th of July BBQ
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By-product Name: Weber Grill Seasoning Sweet N Tangy BBQ, 6.75-Ounce ...
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Bbq Grill
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