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Wireless Bluetooth Instant Read Digital Cooking Thermometer with Dual Probes and iPhone Android Smart Phone App - Oven, BBQ Grill and Smoker Safe - NutriChef PWIRBBQ50 by NutriChef

  • Never Overcook your BBQ Again! Use the iPhone or Android Compatible...
  • Choose Rare, Medium or Well Done - Adjust and Save Custom Cooking...
  • Meat Smoker Friendly - Set a High/ Low Temp Range to Get...


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The NutriChef Bluetooth BBQ Digital Thermometer System provides hassle-free temperature monitoring. Just insert the thermometer into your food after you've downloaded the free SmartBBQ app for iPhone or Android phone. The required batteries are included. Please note that this product should not be placed directly over flames.

Tappecue V2.0 - 4 Extra-Care Probe WiFi BBQ Thermometer with Mobile Apps by Tappecue

  • 4 probes - Temperature from 0 F to 482 F - Probe settings for food...
  • Wi-Fi Internal antennae allows for distance of the smoker/Tappecue...
  • Keep your history At the end of every smoking session you have an...


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Tappecue is the future of thermometers used by the meat smoking hobbyists who need freedom from the smoke of their smokers. Unlike bluetooth and radio frequency devices that limit the distance you can roam, Tappecue offers no limitation through Wi-Fi enabled probes and a state-of-the-art mobile application, which provides users with freedom to work on home projects, get last minute supplies at the grocery store, or play a game of golf without worry. With Tappecue - You'll always be one tap away from your barbecue! The Tappecue System comes with the device, four 6' extra-care temperature probes, USB cord, 5V USB AC Power Supply, FREE mobile apps. Visit for more information.

Mobile BBQ Grill & Nautical galley "Bad Ass"

Stainless BBQ Grill trailer.

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30 Mobile Grill Package - Natural Gas by (dba Shopping)

This is our entry model, ideal for the light commercial griller or those with restricted space. The build quality is not compromised and incorporates high quality and duty rating. It's a great choice for the professional domestic chef who wants to really show off to their neighbours and friends. Includes: Removable Shelf, BBQ Cover, Bun Rack and Roll Dome. Features: BTU's: 64,500. Four Burners. Fuel Type: Natural Gas. Two 14 wheels and two total lock casters. Gas grill constructed of 304 stainless steel. Ready to use: ships completely assembled on a skid. Storage shelf and angled legs for rock solid durability. Tank holder(s) on back of unit that hold 20 lb. propane tank(s). Specifications: Overall Dimensions: 46.5 (W) x 27 (D) x 52 (H). Cooking Surface: 28 (W) x 21 (D).


36 Mobile Grill Package - Natural Gas by (dba Shopping)

Ideal for the smaller caterer or restauranteur the MCB-36 is a very capable starting point with its commercial size. It can be individualized by adding items from the long list of add on accessories. Five burners for maximum control and impressive fast heat recovery as you would expect from the Crown Verity system. Duty and build quality once again is not compromised as this is standard throughout every Crown Verity Model. Includes: Removable Shelf, BBQ Cover, Bun Rack and Roll Dome. Features: BTU's: 79,500. Five Burners. Fuel Type: Natural Gas. Two 14 wheels and two total lock casters. Gas grill constructed of 304 stainless steel. Ready to use: ships completely assembled on a skid. Storage shelf and angled legs for rock solid durability. Tank holder(s) on back of unit that hold 20 lb. propane tank(s). Specifications: Overall Dimensions: 52.5 (W) x 28 (D) x 52 (H). Cooking Surface: 34 (W) x 21 (D).


Gotta Try ‘Em All: Don’t forbear Bend’s food carts out in the cold

Throughout the metropolis, dozens of carts scattered around town (granted mostly on the westside) flourished in the summer and are keeping their kitchen doors open during the winter months. Recently, The Lot ruined The Brown Owl, and plans to move a different cart into the vacant space. “I feel very fortunate that there has been a tremendous amount of interest among cart owners who predisposition to be a part of what we have created,” explained David Staley, owner of The Lot in response to the recent departure. “On the flip side, it has been very hard to choose which carts are included and which carts I have to move around down. Now that we have been open for over a year, the feedback that I hear most frequently is that our regulars and the community as a whole would like to see variety and rotation of the carts. That is fragment of the fun of food trucks, they are movable, which keeps the scene and culture around them dynamic. Here’s a loose roundup of The Lot’s current lineup and offerings (along with gas vigour places and heated seats), as well as a check-in with other carts to try around town. Carts at The Lot, 745 NW Columbia Ave. Mauna Kea Grill : Hawaiian-style BBQ plates. Mountains of meats and rice with scrumptious sauces. Everyday: 11am-8 pm. Real Food Bistro: Food that is real. From Reubens to tacos to soups and sandwiches and a rotating menu of specials. Accustomed: 11am-9pm. Rico’s Tacos: Tried and true authentic Mexican. Everyday: 11am-9pm. Thailandia: Flavorful Thai classics from fired rice to drunken noodles, curries, and soups. Regular : 11am-9pm. Carts you can find around town:. Bethlyn’s Global Fusion : Healthy and global creations with excellent vegetarian options and ethnic aptitude. Tuesday-Friday: 11am-6pm, Saturday: 11 am-3 pm. Bend Soup Company: Liquid goodness for the winter months with hot offerings like chilies, and of direction, soups. 30 SW Century Dr. Monday-Friday: 11am-3:30pm. Saturday: 11am-2pm. Broken Top BBQ : House slow-smoked, Texas-configuration meaty goodness, with one of our favorite BBQ sauces around. The Brown Owl : Choose the sandwich, burrito, burger or bowl, and other countrified American breakfast and lunch options. Convey location TBD. The Curry Shack: Indian and South-Asian street food. Starting Tuesday, January 13, parked at the corner of Greenwood Ave. Tuesday-Saturday: 11am-6pm. Empty City : Voted Bend’s Best Food Cart A. K. A. best place to get steamy delicious goodness after a long night out. El Sancho : The row tacos of kings. CRUX Fermentation Project, 50 SW Division St. Monday: 4pm-9pm, Friday-Sunday: Noon-8pm. Num-Nums Korean Food Bring : Fresh meat. Century Center, 70 SW Century Dr. Tuesday-Saturday: 11am-4pm. Parrilla Satellite: Your favorite fish tacos, served with Barbarous Ride Brewery beer. Monday-Sunday: 11am-9pm. Pi huamo’s Tacos : Based on the cuisine of Jalisco, Mexico, delicious authentic lane fare. 950 SE 3rd St. Monday-Saturday: 10am-9pm. Ronin: This new mobile sushi slinger and Japanese grill. 130 NW Century Drive at Skjersaa’s Ski and Board Department store. Tuesday-Saturday: 11am-4pm. Shred Town : With a constantly rotating menu, this is the ski bum’s dream cart. Everyday: 8am-7pm. Everyday: 9am-7:30pm. Jerk Kings : Eyot food for the rest of us. Humm Kombucha, 1125 NE 2nd St. Monday 11am-2pm Hertz Car Care Center (off US Hwy 20) Friday: 11am-2pm. Source: By Bri Brey


#Nissan End Smart BBQ: More Than a Mobile Grill. 03/11/15, @CorwinNissan
Wood Ranch BBQ and Grill #ChinoHills - BBQ Chicken, Beef or Neonate BackTri Tip or Ribs. 03/10/15, @WomInlandEmpire
Wood Ranch BBQ and Grill #ChinoHills - BBQ Chicken, Beef or Neonate BackTri Tip or Ribs. 03/09/15, @WomInlandEmpire


  • BBQ Beans

    bacon, barbecue sauce, brown sugar, garlic, green pepper, ham, jalapeno, kidney bean, onions, pink beans, pork chops


  • The Remotest Guide to Grilling

    Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.. 2013. ISBN: 9781626369726,1626369720. 320 pages.

    Rick Browne has traveled across America and tasted all things it has to offer. In The Ultimate Guide to Grilling, you will find recipes for plenty of bold barbecue concoctions, including Coca Cola Chicken, Aw Shucks Grilled Corn, BBQ’d Apple Pie, Rodney’s Tequila Porterhouse, and so much more. Browne also goes beyond the roar of duty with chapters on side dishes, sauces, marinades, and rubs—he even includes an excellent chapter of delicious vegetarian recipes. The Ultimate Lead the way to Grilling is indispensable for all barbecue fanatics.

  • Queer Barbecue

    Chronicle Books. 2013. ISBN: 9781452133102,1452133107. 300 pages.

    Twenty predominantly chickens bathed in garlic on a rig that resembles a cast-iron satellite dish...this is Extreme Barbecue, a tribute to the derring-do behind the craziest grilling contraptions in the territory. Through in-depth profiles, outrageous photographs, and nearly 100 personal recipes, this unique cookbook exalts in unprecedented cooking techniques and junkyard serendipityfrom the Zen-like starkness of a tin can on two heated flat stones to the awesome two-story mobile smoker complete with winding staircase. Whether it's a front-end loader serving as a grilling rig in Kansas Big apple or a 4,500-pound mobile bread baker in Portland, Oregon, this is BBQ like you've never seen—or tasted—before.

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  • St. Leo restaurateur’s trade move was right On Q

    03/15/15 ,via The Tampa Tribune

    After a year of operating a mobile restaurant, Flott opened On Q Smokehouse Grill on Asseverate Road 52 near Saint Leo University in December 2009. On Q’s barbecue, topped by its mustard- and vinegar-based North Carolina-style barbecue gravy, quickly proved ...

  • Lightsaber tongs? The ocean scale with an app? Call me intrigued.

    03/14/15 ,via The Kansas City Star

    Trends in the housewares make available appear to be moving toward appliances that serve multiple functions (such as a pressure cooker that also steams), can be controlled remotely (coffee makers and grills connected with mobile ... Lightsaber BBQ tongs by Undergr ...

  • Dining Notes: Get empty, it's time for the first GastroFest

    eats, Bistro Aix, Jet-black Sheep, Blue Fish Restaurant and Oyster Bar, Blue Bamboo, Blue Pacific Grill and Taco Bar, Bono’s, Ceviche Peruvian Cantina, Corner Taco, Julington Streamlet Fish Camp, folkfood mobile BBQ, FreshJax, Fully Loaded Potatoes & More ...

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Smoker Grill Mobile BBQ Pit Rental Marietta Atlanta Ga ...

a cleaning place of $30.00 and damage deposit of $200.00 are required on all rentals when your bbq pit is picked up (or delivered), it has been professionally ...

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Extra ribs from Enosburg hitting the grill ... Now!
Extra ribs from Enosburg hitting the grill ... Now!
Photo by found_drama on Flickr
Grilled steak, nopales, and corn for the salad
Grilled steak, nopales, and corn for the salad
-- Brett Spangler
Photo by naz66 on Flickr
Grill gaffer Grilled Chicken 9-9-13
Grill gaffer Grilled Chicken 9-9-13
Photo by stevendepolo on Flickr
Qualified in Photos Tips Menu Grills Future Me
Qualified in Photos Tips Menu Grills Future Me
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Heavy-set Mobile Charcoal Grill
Heavy-set Mobile Charcoal Grill
Lazyman Tour de force Mobile BBQ Grill LM210-28MC
Lazyman Tour de force Mobile BBQ Grill LM210-28MC