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Vicool hy13041 (3-pack) Stainless Steel Burner Replacement for MCM, BBQ Grillware, Ducane, Home Depot, Original Part, Lowes Model Grills by Vicool

  • Original Part Numbers: 30500702, 30500603, 305000047, 30500094,...
  • Fits Home Depot Models: Home Depot 3 Burner LP (30400040), Home...
  • Hyco hy13041 (3-pack) Stainless Steel Burner Replacement for MCM,...


Product Description

Dimensions: 17" x 1", Material: Stainless Steel Intensive holes for better flame effect. Cooks better! Lasts longer; Extend the life of your grill; Exact-fit parts; Durable stainless steel construction.Fits Home Depot Models: Home Depot 3 Burner LP (30400040), Home Depot 3 Burner NG (30400041), Home Depot 5 Burner LP (30400042), Home Depot 5 Burner NG (30400043), 30400040, 30400041, 30400042, 30400043, 30400045, 30400046, 30537401, S3200, S5200, S-3200, S-5200";Replaces Ducane Parts: 30500702, 30500603, 305000047;Original Part Numbers: 30500702, 30500603, 305000047, 30500094, 13041, DUCHD1

BBQMANN 13041 (3-pack) Replacement Straight Stainless Steel Burner for BBQ Grillware, Ducane, Home Depot, Lowes Model Grills by BBQMANN

  • Fits Ducane Models : 3100, 3200, 3400, 4100, 4200, 4400, S3200,...
  • Dimensions:17"x1", Material: Stainless Steel
  • Original Part Numbers: 30500702, 30500603, 305000047, 30500094,...


Product Description

New bbq parts from Gas barbecue parts factory

13041(3-pack) Replacement Straight Stainless Steel Burner for BBQ Grillware, Ducane, Home Depot, Lowes Model Grills


Material: Stainless steel

Dimensions: 17"x1"

Original Part Numbers: 30500702, 30500603, 305000047, 30500094, 13041, DUCHD1

Fits Gas Grill including:

Ducane Models: 3100, 3200, 3400, 4100, 4200, 4400, S3200, S5200, S-3200, S-5200

Replaces Ducane Parts: 30500702, 30500603, 305000047

Home Depot Models: Home Depot 3 Burner LP (30400040), Home Depot 3 Burner NG (30400041), Home Depot 5 Burner LP (30400042), Home Depot 5 Burner NG (30400043), 30400040, 30400041, 30400042, 30400043, 30400045, 30400046, 30537401, S3200, S5200, S-3200, S-5200

What would you get if you would like to choose our products?

Our stainless steel replacement grill burners are designed to outlast and outperform original bbq burners by giving you a better cooking and using less fuel. Replacement burners provide an incredibly high quality cooking consistently, meaning you will get the cooking results that you have been expecting. Don't let your old bbq burners control how you grill, change those grill burners today and grill the way you're suppose to! Also your OEM and ODM specifications with any questions are welcome here ! Your sastisfation is what we are pursuing!

Important notice:

Please first measure your original grill burners (length ,diameter etc) and compare the specs with this product listing.


How to Marinate & Barbeque Chicken on the Grill

Lowe's well-versed in improvement expert, Mike Kraft, shares tips on marinating and grilling chicken. Learn how to safely prepare great tasting barbeque chicken for your one's nearest or friends.

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Coleman 2000012519 NXT Grill 100 by Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping)

bNXT Series - 100/bbrManufacture ID: 2000012519brbrBring the heat when you bring a Coleman® NXT™ 100 Grill to your next party-a picnic tailgate BBQ or in your own backyard. Grill any meal with powerful heat 15000 BTUs of cooking intensity. With a tall lid and 321 sq. in. (2013 sq. cm) of cooking space-enough room for up to 18 burgers-you'll easily grill cook or fry up meals for the entire family. Whether it's breakfast lunch or dinner the mix-and-match cooktops allow you to switch easily between stove grill or griddle on either side. (Grill included. Griddle and stovetop sold separately.) Bringing the heat to your propane barbeque grill is as easy as pushing a button. Instastart™ Ignition technology makes matchless lighting quick and easy. You'll know when the grill reaches the perfect temperature with an easy-to-read top thermometer that allows you to check without lifting the lid. Go ahead and turn up the heat. Porcelain-coated cast iron grills and a steel side table are designed for incredible performance in high-temperature cooking while the Even-Temp™ Burner radiates heat equally across the grill. When the fun is done the portable barbeque grill's scissor leg design folds down quickly and easily and the rugged wheels power through any terrain. The grill is specially-designed to stand up on its end for low-profile storage in tight spaces and the swivel design in the no-spill grease cup helps prevent messes when you're cooking hauling or storing it. br /br /Features: br /br /- Grill any meal with 15000 BTUs of cooking intensitybr /- 321 sq. in. of grilling space cook up to 18 burgers at a timebr /- Instastart™ Ignition for push-button matchless lightingbr /- Mix-and-match cooktops for stove grill or griddle on either side (Grill included. Griddle and stovetop sold separately.)br /- Standup design for low-profile storage in tight spacesbr /- Easy-to-read thermometer to check temperature wi


Char-Broil Traditional 280 SQ Inch Cooking Surface 2-Burner Gas Grill with BBQ Bundle by Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping)

Convective Cooking SystemGreat for grilling and indirect cooking at low temperatures. Just close the lid and you'll get even heat and low flare-ups Porcelain Coated GratesThe durable porcelain coating on these cooking grates make them rust-resistant and easy-to-clean. Stainless Steel BurnersOur durable metal burners can take the heat and are built to last. (Burner ports may vary per model.) Tool HooksKeep your grilling tools where you need them with built-in hooks on the side shelf. WarrantyWe've got you covered for 5 years on the burners, 2 years on the firebox and lid and all other parts are covered for 1 year. Specifications: Burners and FuelBurner Material: Stainless SteelMain Burner BTUs: 26500Heat Tent Material: Porcelain Coated SteelFirebox and Cooking SystemsCooking System: Convectional Assembled Width (in.): 49Assembled Depth (in.): 19Assembled Height (in.): 41.5Grate Material: Porcelain Coated WireNumber of Burners: 2 DimensionsWeight: 52.80General InformationModel Number: 463620415Assembly Required: YesLid and CartSide Shelf Material: Black Plastic


2015 started off kicking my sucker and I’m trying to catch up

I have been less than impressed with how 2015 has started off and I had set rather “low expectations” for the year. Diana the peke is out of pain mostly but she will need more treatment as she drops back down quickly after the pain killer/anti-inflamitory wears off. I desire we can get this taken care of as I can’t afford surgery for her and I will have to have her put down if she is in pain and can’t have a somewhat decent quality of life. I added a copper pipe cutter just in anyway a lest the valves are soldered rather than compression fittings. As long as I have the right sized valves every thing should go together easily. That has not happened on most of my plumbing jobs so I’m a bit skittish about turning off the water mains because I know living without tap water is a lot of work. I went to Lowes last week and the guy working plumbing spent over an hour with me trying to make sure I had the whole shebang I may need to fix the pipes. He was great and told me to check out some other stores as he did n’t have some of the stuff I needed in stock. I stopped by my local True Value store and speedily in front in the valves was the part I needed and in the size I wanted. I am having better luck getting what I need and assitance at my local True Value than the big box stores. I tried out a modified modus operandi for shrimp gumbo using dehydrated onion, garlic, red pepper flake and dehydrated celery rather than fresh veggies and it turned out pretty belongings. I did much better at making the roux and letting the flour cook enough rather than having that sort of pasty flavor if you under cook it. I got a great deal on some thickset 16/20 count raw shrimp though you could use canned shrimp, chicken or even... I cooked up a bunch of rice the night before to use so it was a quick one pan meal when I made it. Prepper Gumbo:. 2 Tbsp of butter or oil Approx: 1/4 cup of flour 1 Tbsp of dried onion 2 tsp of dried garlic 1 tsp of dried red sprinkle flake 1/2 tsp. of celery seed or a 1 Tbsp of dried celery 2 dried bay leaves Hot sauce or seasoning of your choice 1 14-15 oz. can of diced tomatoes 2 cups of vegetable, fish or chicken consomm 2 cups of precooked rice Approx. 1 pound of shrimp, crayfish, chicken or fish depending on what you have on hand Melt the butter/oil over med. exhilaration and slowly sprinkle the flour stirring constantly to make the roux. Add the dry garlic, onion, red pepper flake and celery. The butter/oil will rehydrate the dried veggies some in the oil so be enlightened you may have to add a bit more fat/oil if it gets dry after you add the flour. When the roux is cooked add the can of diced tomatoes and bay leaf along with your hot sauce and or additional spices. I get a great New Orleans chicken and seafood excitement from the local dollar store I like to add at this point. Add your stock, cover the pan with a lid and let it simmer on low heat for about 10 minutes. Add the cooked rice let it simmer about 3 minutes then add the raw shrimp and cook until raw shrimp are pink or cooked shrimp is ardent thoroughly, approx. This is a modified “yankee/prepper” gumbo as I don’t add okra. I like cooking rice ahead of time as it makes a good accompaniment to meals from a abrupt stir-fry to beans and rice. If you don’t care for white rice because it get a gluey/gummy texture, rinse it a few times in cold water before cooking and I over you might be amazed how much better your rice tastes. If you store white rice, now is the time to learn to make good rice that you want to eat. Add your own spices and don’t be unhappy to experiment with the basic recipe. You might make a few mistakes but you probably won’t make anything so vile tasting it won’t be eaten if you test as you cook. There is always the compost packet or trash can if you really screw up a recipe. I have “screwed the pooch” on some recipes from making bread that could be used for bricks, and BBQed severely scorched meats to spices I have added that were just backslide and quite possibly a crime against nature. Live and learn, and as you learn more, you do tend to get better at baking and cooking from scratch. My Thanksgiving Turkey was by far one of the win out over chunks of meat I have ever BBQ-ed. But it took a bit of practice on the creating the recipe for the brine as well as basting it with beer or wine and trying out new things. Source: My Adventures in selfreliance

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#5: 15491 (4-stall) Replacement BBQ Pipe Tube Gas Grill Burner for Charmglow, Charmglo, Uniflame, Lowes Model G... http://t.co/NqeQd0rw9a 03/15/15, @iEveCanada
#3: 15491 (4-crowd) Replacement BBQ Pipe Tube Gas Grill Burner for Charmglow, Charmglo, Uniflame, Lowes Model G... http://t.co/M3n0uFxXMU 03/15/15, @iEveCanada
91231 (4-give out) Stainless Steel BBQ Gas Grill Heat Plate / Heat Shield for Mcm, Costco Kirland, Glen Canyon, Jenn-air, http://t.co/1bNM8iaXgv 03/12/15, @ArtnewsHQ


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