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KONA Best BBQ Grill Mat - Heavy Duty 600 Degree Non-Stick Mats (Set of 2) - 7 Year Warranty by Kona

  • FAR MORE SUPERIOR than other grill mats. The one and only 600...
  • KONA IS THE THICKEST at 0.39mm. That is 4X Thicker Than Yoshi grill...
  • CLEANLY & EASILY GRILL the juiciest steaks, smoke the tenderest...



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Ever Sprayed FLAMMABLE Cooking Oil On A Hot Grill?

We have too. Not the smartest thing to do, but we've all done it.
Wiping a hot grill by hand would have been a worse idea.

It scares me to think of the leftover gunk contaminating my families food also. Yuck!

And those small items falling through the grill grates... Yes, us too.

Luckily Those Less Than Stellar BBQ Days Are Gone!

KONA 600 DEGREE PEAK TEMP GRILL TOPPERS, 500 degree recommended searing temp, non-stick BBQ grill mats are surprisingly thin, but will not burn or melt.

DO NOT place directly on charcoal. Lay mat over grill grates about 7" from burners and go!

These mats are also perfect for baking!


No more dirty grill. No more dirty food!
EZ clean surface allows you to cook the messy, saucy dishes
without losing those wonderful juices, yet cleans up easily.

Enjoy Clean Healthy Eating And Protect Your Expensive Grill!

A package will last many years with proper care.
We recommend ordering a second set cut for grill warming racks, microwaves, indoor grill accessories, sandwich makers or saute pans.

Don't worry, after wiping no flavor or odor will transfer from yesterday's Pecan Crusted Salmon onto today's Pizza.

Yes, I said Pizza...I don't need to buy a pizza oven either?! Bonus!
Go ahead; grill eggs, bacon, pancakes or whatever. There are no limits for your BBQ Grill anymore.

Money Back Guarantee. If you're not happy with our "miracle" mats, we will fix the situation, hassle free.

CLICK "ADD TO CART" NOW - We Won't Be Offering This Amazing Deal For Long! Buy 2 Or More And Get Free Shipping

Best BBQ Grill Brush STAINLESS STEEL) 18" Barbecue Cleaning Brush with Wire Bristles and Soft Comfortable Handle - Perfect Cleaner & Scraper for Grill Cooking Grates, Racks, & Burners by Best

  • COMPATIBLE WITH ANY BBQ GRILL - Effective on All Types of Grills...
  • BUILT TO LAST! Long 10" Durable Handle, Provides a Safe Distance...
  • MANUFACTURER MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If You're Ever Unsatisfied with...


Free shipping

Product Description

Best BBQ Grill Brush

Gas grill buying orient from Consumer Reports

More homeowners are choosing gas grills that do more than grill. Nor do you paucity.

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Cooking Gloves- Love Them or Your Money Back Best Heat Resistant BBQ Accessories for Oven, Kitchen, by (dba Shopping)

THE SILISAFE ASSURANCE - Don't like these barbecue gloves If these silicone heat resistant gloves do not make your cooking, roasting or grilling safer and easier we'll give you your money back, it's that simple. The next party you host, your guests will be amazed at the food you are cooking to perfection. Order NOW with NO RISK. HEAT RESISTANT DURABILITY - One pair of the best grilling gloves to protect your hands to a whopping high temperature of 425 degrees fahrenheit for maximum protection. Makes cooking a whole lot easier with no need for tools - just turn your food yourself with complete confidence that you're safe. The best bbq accessories you'll ever own. SILICONE SAFETY - Five finger design has greater versatility than oven mittens. Remember the last time you burned your finger or hand Never let that happen again Have full control of hot items and your potholder with our firm grip gloves when removing food from potholders, smokers, gas barbeque, microwave, oven grills and avoid accidents. MULTIPU


KHOMO GEAR - PANTHER Series - Black Waterproof Heavy Duty BBQ Grill Cover - XX-Large 72 x 26 x 51 - by (dba Shopping)

Compatible with gas, electric, propane and natural grills. Water repellent PVC will resist any weather conditions. KHOMO is a registered trademark and best-seller of BBQ Grill Covers. KHOMO Gear introduces its new case BBQ Grill Cover. This heavy-duty cover keeps the grill clean, dry, and looking like new by reducing its exposure to outdoor elements like wind, rain, snow, dust, and dirt. Its protective fabric system features an elegant fabric top specially treated to prevent cracking in cold weather, a water-repellent and water-resistant PVC under-coating, and a splash-guard skirt for all-over protection from top to bottom.


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  • BBQ In large quantity Handbook

    KMSPublishing. 2014.

    Barbequing is an American habit. Each year, statistics show that at least 90% of families attend at least one barbeque party or celebration. About 40% of families delight in throwing parties that center round the idea of barbequing. With statistics like that, one must wonder why barbequing is such a popular event and tradition. First, barbequing or grilling allows you to create a spread that is unmatched by any other type of cooking. The grilled smell and taste will perk up even the pickiest meat eater. A variety of meats and side dishes are worn when barbequing. Traditionally, families cook pork, beef, and fish on their grills. When visiting your local grocery store, look for meats that are specifically cut and packaged for barbequing. If you do not feel pre packaged meats, then...

  • Paul Kirk's Championship Barbecue

    Harvard Common Press. 2004. ISBN: 1558322426,9781558322424. 470 pages.

    Chef Paul explains it all: the differences between barbecuing and grilling; how to establish different kinds of fires and what kind of fuel to use; setting up the pit or grill; what tools are needed to how to prepare the food.

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primitive salmon grilled on a cedar plank
primitive salmon grilled on a cedar plank
Woodley’s Salmon Herb Marinade 3 Tbsp. unused virgin olive oil 1 Tbsp. fresh thyme, chopped 1 Tbsp. fresh oregano, chopped (sprigs, too) Sprigs of rosemary – have to use them if they are in your garden ¼ cup dry virginal whine juice from 2-3 limes / or slices 2 Tbsp fresh parsley. Chopped 1 ~15-inch alder or cedar grilling timber 4 6-8 ounce fillets but can support what will fit on your plank Soak the planks overnight if you get your act together. Even an hour should be fine. Get the grill heated to about 400 degreed. Put the planks out there for about 3 minutes and lose one's cool them over for 3 more. They will be producing some smoke which will be a welcome memory should you have transitioned recently from charcoal/wood to gas. Put the salmon right on the planks and cook about 10 minutes. One of the best fish I’ve still tasted from the grill!
Photo by woodleywonderworks on Flickr
vegetables to grill for
vegetables to grill for
Photo by woodleywonderworks on Flickr
beget's best-tasting grilled eggplant
beget's best-tasting grilled eggplant
Master-work recipe -- just slice about an inch thick, brush on a mixture of little olive oil, a little garlic and "chop" spices. I mainly grill at 400 degrees about 8 minutes/side. This is one dish that tastes better with a bit salt which seems to remove the bitterness and bring out the nutty dessert flavor. I'm finding I enjoy eggplant more each year and this year we shoehorned in five in our little garden. Try it in a sandwich or blend it for baba ghanoush.
Photo by woodleywonderworks on Flickr
Image by
Consumer Electronics:
Consumer Electronics:
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True to life Gas Bbq Grills 2
True to life Gas Bbq Grills 2