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Marukyo Stone Stove Top In/Outdoor Grill (Stove Not Include) by M.V. Trading

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Enjoy the unmistakable, warm-weather taste of barbecued meat and vegetables year-round with this stovetop barbecue grill. Furthermore, its outer ring can be filled with water to capture drippings and prevent smoke and splattering during cooking, resulting in healthier foods with fewer calories. Designed for use with portable grill's high-quality, nonstick surface eliminates the need for extra oil or butter and ensures fast and effortless cleanup when through (washing by hand recommended). Best of all, its compact design means that it stores easily in any cupboard or drawer between uses

Deluxe 4-Liter Hot Pot Starter Kit with Non-stick Divided Pot for Asian Hot Pot, Mongolian Hot Pot, Japanese Shabu-Shabu. Includes Hot Pot, Strainers, Chopsticks & Seasoning Packets by TROOPS BBQ

  • Includes: (1) Aluminum 12-inch diameter 1400 watt Electric Divided...
  • Sichuan Flavor Hot Pot Seasoning Packets, (1) 150 gram and (1) 200...
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Deluxe Asian Hot Pot Starter Kit for Asian Hot Pot, Mongolian Hot Pot, Japanese Shabu-Shabu, Steamboat style cooking. Includes: (1) Die-cast Aluminum 12-Inch diameter 1400-watt Electric Divided Hot Pot with Vented Glass Cover, (4) Stainless Steel 3.1-Inch Strainers, (10) Pairs of Red Melamine Chopsticks, (10) Pairs of White Dragon Melamine Chopsticks, (2) Packets of Sichuan Flavor Hot Pot Seasoning, 150 gram and 200 gram (brand may vary). Features: Large 4-liter capacity divided pot with adjustable 1400 watt heating element - Cleaner and safer to use than a gas stove or burner. One-piece Aluminum die-cast divided pot with non-stick surface can't leak from one side to the other. Bakelite feet with non-slip rubber pads. Dual handles with high temperature Silicone covers. Special Red color Melamine Chopsticks are ideal for keeping raw and cooked foods separated - Melamine finish cleans-up easily after handling raw meats - Rated to withstand 248 °F for up to 5 minutes and 170 °F for up to 60 minutes - Dishwasher Safe. Beautiful White Dragon Melamine Chopsticks with smooth tapered comfortable grip and larger blunt end for ease of use with cooked meats and prepared vegetables - Dishwasher safe. Sichuan Flavor Hot Pot Seasoning, product of China. Preparation of Hot Pot seasoning, 150g or 200g: 1) Pour contents of bag into 1 to 1-1/2 liters of water or chicken stock and bring to boil. 2.) Then set on low heat for 3-5 minutes and cook the food in the seasoned broth.

So how does a material mongolian bbq place looks like?

I fundamental tried the Mongolian BBQ when I was in Raleigh, North Carolina and a few months ago I have been craving for some of this stir fried goodness.


Update: The BBQ Chicken on the Effectively Zone is now Butter Chicken w/ Basmati Rice, and the Mongolian Grill will be closed for Supper. 03/15/15, @MTADining
Mongo grille rush!!! @ Golden Grill Mongolian BBQ - Silverdale 03/15/15, @daithi08
Mongolian bbq grill & spoiling my doll-sized booger with lots & lots of new things made for a perfect day now I just need him in my arms 03/14/15, @AlisonTrease


  • BBQ'd Cheeseburger Pizza

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  • BBQ Chicken Kebabs

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  • Vote: Grub Falls Westside Region

    03/13/15 ,via Argus Leader

    Noisy Hog's fans were very active in the pre-tourney balloting, moving the BBQ joint all the way to the 3 seed. Lil' Coalinga and their egg burger look for the upset. Speaking of who... the Mongolian grill limit got a ton of mentions in reader's top-10 ...

  • Outstanding Rapids area dining guide: southeast

    03/12/15 ,via MLive

    Aryana Restaurant & Bar -- Admirable dining. Open daily. 5700 28th St. SE, 957-1700, or $-$$ Bangkok Taste -- Thai. Closed Sunday. 15 Jefferson Ave. SE, 356-5550. $-$$ BD's Mongolian Barbecue --Diners decide their own ...

  • North Macon sees grow in business

    03/12/15 ,via 13 WMAZ

    Conner says the Bowman-Bass Route area was perfect because of how close it was to I-75. The Mongolian barbecue restaurant is located underneath the new Lofts at Bass that are scheduled to open this spring. A Lilly Pulitzer trust in opened a new location here ...

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Genghis Grill - Mongolian BBQ Grill | Stir Fry Mongolian ...

Genghis Restaurant - Mongolian Stir Fry is a irresponsibly casual dining, Asian stir-fry concept. Try out Mongolian barbeque grill today and discover a new culture of mongo ...

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Features "produce your own stir-fry" using a variety of meats, poultry, seafood, vegetables, sauces, and spices. Locations across the United States. Mongolian BBQ Grill - Actors Iron: Korean ...

Castiron bbq grill - Genghis Khan grill, 11" dia x 1" Neptune's moat, 2" total heighth. Use with portable butane stove or charcoal grill. Table top grilling for meats ...

Mongolian Grill
Mongolian Grill
Photo by taestell on Flickr
Mongolian BBQ @ Genghis Grill - The Mongolian Stir Fry
Mongolian BBQ @ Genghis Grill - The Mongolian Stir Fry
Spotted on Foodspotting
Photo by revrev on Flickr
Mongolian Grill
Mongolian Grill
Photo by taestell on Flickr
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