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Barbecue is more than a great way to cook a tasty dinner. For a true pitmaster, barbecue is a way of life.

Pitmaster is the definitive guide to becoming a barbecue aficionado and top-shelf cook, whether you're new to the grill or a seasoned vet. Recipes begin with basics, like cooking Memphis-style ribs, and expand to smoking whole hogs North Carolina style.

There is no single path to becoming a pitmaster. Barbecue lovers are equally inspired by restaurants with a commitment to regional traditions, competition barbecue champions, families with a multi-generational tradition of roasting whole hogs, and even amateur backyard fanatics.

This definitive collection of barbecue expertise will leave you in no doubt why expert chefs and backyard cooks alike eat, live, and breathe barbecue.

Pitmaster features:
- Specific tips and techniques for proper smoker operation—the cornerstone of all successful barbecue recipes—using Weber, Offset, Kamado, and other classic smoker styles
- A backyard cooking chapter offering the basics of becoming a successful barbecue cook
- Spotlights on specific regional barbecue styles, such as Texas, Kansas City, and the Carolinas, which set the stage for more advanced barbecue techniques and recipes, such as Butterfly Pork Butt Burnt Ends and Central Texas Beef Ribs
- An exploration of new styles of barbecue developing in the North
- Chris and Andy’s secret competition barbecue recipes that have won them hundreds of awards
- Regional side dishes, cocktails, and simple desserts
- A guest pitmaster in each chapter who is an expert in their given region or style of barbecue cooking. Guest pitmasters include: Steve Raichlen (author and host of Project Smoke on PBS), Jake Jacobs, Sam Jones (Skylight Inn and Sam Jones Barbecue), Elizabeth Karmel (Carolina Cue To Go), Tuffy Stone (Q Barbecue), Rod Gray (eat bbq), John Lewis (Lewis Barbecue), Jamie Geer (owner of Jambo Pits) and Billy Durney (Hometown Bar-B-Que)

Product Description

BBQ master! 50 exclusive barbecue recipes. Meat, vegetables, marinades, sauces, and lots of other tasty things – all in one!
There is an old saying: “Eating is a necessity but cooking is an ART.” These words describe the sense of the book.
Exclusive recipes, tasty ideas, and unusual combinations will turn your ordinary meal into something special. It is the easiest way to amaze your family and friends with juicy meat, fragrant marinades, and spicy sauces. This book provides detailed techniques of cooking your best BBQ ever.

So why do you need this book?

  • If you are tired of boring meat recipes,

  • If your BBQ parties fall into disfavor,

  • If you have never made barbecue and want to make it perfect,

  • If you want to get the BBQ Pro Rank.

And what will you get?

  • Super-easy methods of cooking your favorite meat: beef, pork, lamb, poultry, veal, and even seafood,

  • The best recipes of grilled vegetables and cheese,

  • Melt in your mouth barbecue ribs recipes,

  • Perfect sauces for your BBQ,

  • Recipes of authentic spicy and delicate marinades for your BBQ menu.

Don’t forget to make BBQ – it is a good way to have fun with your friends! Preparing your meat or vegetables and using delicious mouth-watering recipes - you’ll get 100% success!
Delicious results are waiting for you! Scroll up and buy your perfect BBQ book!

Grilled Bacon Bowls approach by the BBQ Pit Boys

For breakfast or as a side dish, these dim-witted grilled bowls of Bacon are loaded with your choice of Corned Beef Hash, Strip Steak, Grilled Onions, Home Fried P.

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Cradle for Kamado All-In-One Grill

Cradle for Kamado All-In-One. Note: Please see related products for compatible options.


Southern Living Ultimate Book of BBQ by (dba Shopping)

The Ultimate Book of BBQ builds on the expertise of Southern Living magazine to create the definitive barbecue and outdoor grilling guide. The book features more than 200 of the highest-ratedSouthern Living recipes for barbecued meats and sides, plus pit-proven tips, techniques, and secrets for year-round smoking, grilling and barbecuing. With full color, step-by-step photos and mouthwatering recipes, this book includes everything the home cook needs to achieve first-rate backyard barbecue. Proven cooking techniques and equipment, expert advice from award-winning pitmasters, and a Rainy Day BBQ chapter with stovetop, oven, and slow-cooker options make this Southern Living's most definitive book on barbecue.



RT @ruralmoms: So keen for BBQ season! RT @FoodNetwork: Pretend it's summer with our best barbecue recipes: http:/… 03/16/15, @sally06301
RT @ruralmoms: So friendly for BBQ season! RT @FoodNetwork: Pretend it's summer with our best barbecue recipes: http:/… 03/16/15, @johngutierrez1
So clever for BBQ season! RT @FoodNetwork: Pretend it's summer with our best barbecue recipes: 03/16/15, @ruralmoms


  • Crock Pot BBQ Pork

    hot sauce, garlic, garlic, garlic powder, black pepper, ketchup, lemon juice, maple syrup, molasses, onions, onion powder, pork chops, salt, tomato paste, worcestershire sauce


  • BBQ cooking

    1992. ISBN: 0930809122,9780930809126. 60 pages.
  • 100 Unexcelled Grilling Recipes

    Robert Rose Incorporated. 2007. ISBN: 0778801594,9780778801597. 189 pages.

    A clique of great food prepared on the grill. Grilling has a special place in cooking traditions worldwide. Whether a Punjabi tikka or a Texas barbecue, grilled dishes lay down a unique taste. With recipes drawn from every continent, 100 Best Grilling Recipes offers a round-the world tour of different countries and cultures with such inspired recipes as: Argentinian curt ribs of beef with chimichurri sauce Vietnamese grilled breast of duck Moroccan barbecued chicken Lemon myrtle shrimp from Oz Texas barbecued brisket Canadian back bacon with maple mustard mop Garlic and ginger butter. Also featured are 35 additional recipes for agreeable accompaniments, among them Lebanese cucumber and mint salad, and double bourbon barbecue sauce. With a kitchen or backyard grill, 100 Wealthiest Grilling...

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    Cummings’ attitude to design was embraced by an audience that hung on every word despite the aromas wafting from Husbands’ barbecue grill and Chadwick Boyd ... a nationalist influence on Creole food. Her recipes for specialty Caribbean rum drinks ...

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  • Dr. Ian Smith's Approach from 'Shred Diet' Cookbook

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    I have always loved barbecue chicken. It brings back some of my favorite youth memories of sitting in Aunt Chris's backyard watching the adults make quick work over the brick-encased grill. I offer this method to you because it is not only ridiculously ...

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Hawaiian BBQ Chicken
Hawaiian BBQ Chicken
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Photo by I Believe I Can Fry on Flickr
Cherry-Chipotle Beef Ribs on the Grill
Cherry-Chipotle Beef Ribs on the Grill
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Hawaiian BBQ Chicken
Hawaiian BBQ Chicken
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Photo by I Believe I Can Fry on Flickr
Pit Boys Stuffed Alligator
Pit Boys Stuffed Alligator
... recipes bbq recipes grilling recipes ribs recipes roasts recipes
... recipes bbq recipes grilling recipes ribs recipes roasts recipes