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VonHaus 18-Piece Stainless Steel BBQ Accessories Tool Set - Includes Aluminum Storage Case for Barbecue Grill Utensils by VonHaus

  • Perfect as a Gift and to Impress Friends and Family on all Occasions!
  • 18 Piece Barbeque Set with 10 Stainless Steel Utensils & 8 Corn...
  • Stainless Steel BBQ Grill Set Includes: Tongs, Spatula, Knife,...


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Product Description

18 Separate Stainless Steel Pieces
Our VonHaus BBQ Utensil Set comes equipped with a splendid array of different pieces to provide a diverse cooking experience. Whether it's using the Tongs to help arrange your food to achieve the perfect Sausage or Sharing out Corn on the cob to your guests using the Corn Holders, the Set is guaranteed to provide you with the most tidy and manageable way of cooking.

Stylish and Portable
The VonHaus BBQ Utensil Set has a Stainless Steel finish which gives the product an aesthetic yet practical appeal. Not only is the set useful, but it will sit elegantly in any kitchen or BBQ because of how stylish it looks. The FREE Aluminum Carry Case not only makes the whole set portable, but provides protection so the set will last longer and stay pristine.

1x Tongs
1x Spatula
1x Knife
1x Fork
1x Wire Brush (Brass)
1x Basting Brush
8x Corn Holders
4x Skewers - keep skewer handles away from direct BBQ heat

Case: 17 x 9 x 3 inches

Please Note: These knives are extremely sharp and cannot be sold to anyone under the age of 18. Always handle knives with care and keep out of reach of children.

*Please store in a cool, dry place - we recommend keeping indoors when not in use.

Estilo 18 Piece Stainless Steel Barbecue Grill Tool Set with Storage Case by Estilo

  • 18-piece BBQ set in handled storage case with dual latches for...
  • Box dimensions: 12.3 by 17.3 by 2.8 inches
  • Gleaming stainless-steel construction; riveted wood handles with...


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Product Description

The Estilo 18 Piece Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Set includes everything you need for your barbeque meal. SET INCLUDES: barbecue fork, tongs, slotted spatula, basting brush, grill brush, all-purpose knife, 8 corn holders, 4 skewers.

Upper-class Grill Accessories & BBQ Tools / Utensils Like Metal Spatula / Tongs & Brush to Clean a Grill

To the fullest extent bbq grill accessories range from outdoor cooking utensils to gas grill accessories like grill covers, meat thermometers and bbq grill grate cleaning too.

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Mountain Man Over Fire Grill & Griddle by (dba Shopping)

Everyone knows that food tastes better when cooked outside, but cook that food over an open fire and it will taste amazing. The Camp Chef Mountain Man Over Fire Grill & Griddle let you cook like mountain men, right over the fire. All you need to do is hammer the stake into the ground, place the griddle, grill, and charcoal box onto the stake, and you're ready to cook. Swivel the griddle and grill away from the heat when your food is finished cooking. You can use it over wood, charcoal, or propane. Set includes: griddle grill charcoal box 2 piece steel stake carry bag Dimensions 16 x 18 steel grill 16 x 20 steel griddle 16 x 20 steel charcoal box Set Weight - 36lbs.


Weber 7586 Gourmet Barbeque System Spirit 300 Series Stainless Steel Grates by (dba Shopping)

Stainless steel grate with insert. Use with Gourmet BBQ System inserts. Fits Spirit 300 series. Expand your barbecuing horizons while delivering professional results - and get the most out of your Weber gas grill. It all starts with the Gourmet BBQ System Gas Grill Cooking Grates for Spirit 300-series grills. The stainless steel cooking grate has a 12-inch diameter stainless steel grate insert. With the insert in place, you're all set for traditional grilling. For more versatile cooking options, remove the insert and replace with the Gourmet BBQ Griddle, Wok or Sear Grate (each sold separately). Fits Spirit 300 series gas grills.



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  • BBQ Beans

    bacon, barbecue sauce, brown sugar, garlic, green pepper, ham, jalapeno, kidney bean, onions, pink beans, pork chops


  • Barely Grilling with Mr. BBQ

    Xulon Press. 2006. ISBN: 9781600348372,1600348378. 192 pages.
  • Conclusive Barbecue Handbook

    V.T.. 2014.

    Do you like barbecue? I do! In truly, I love it so much I'll try to organize every weekend with my family and friends. It's a time when people can relax, bbq their food and chat at the mean time. However, how much do you really recall about BBQ? The type of food, recipes, grills, cancer-causing, etc ... are some important points you got to know if you enjoy your BBQ. This ebook compiles tons of report you'll be interested in. Read through this ebook and you'll find BBQ more enjoying than ever. Share the tips and information with your friends, choose a good location and you'll from life even more. Learn to live life to the max. Get this ebook today!

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    Trends in the housewares sell appear to be moving toward appliances that serve multiple functions (such as a pressure cooker that also steams), can be controlled remotely (coffee makers and grills connected with travelling phone apps that set brewing and ...

  • BR Ballet Theatre-in-the-round sets fundraiser party March 21

    03/15/15 ,via The Advocate

    Kona Grill, La Madeleine, Lava Cantina, Nothing Bundt Cakes, Paul Bologna Filamentous Wines, Raising Cane’s, Tallulah at Renaissance Baton Rouge, Roy’s Ice, Texas de Brazil, Voodoo BBQ, Walk-On’s and Zocalisa. The event also will feature activities ...

  • YMCA Golf Exemplary brings in funds for summer outreach program

    03/13/15 ,via Fort Bend Herald

    The anyway in the reality, which will include a lunch donated by Macaroni Grill and a BBQ dinner donated by Swinging Door BBQ, is set to get underway at 11:30 a.m. March 23 at the Pecan Grove Mountains Club, 3000 Plantation Dr., Richmond.

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Alley fair, Apr 2013 - 01
Alley fair, Apr 2013 - 01
(more details later, as perpetually permits) ****************** Note: to see the overall theme, summary description and thumbnail images of photos in this particular Flickr set, click here.
Photo by Ed Yourdon on Flickr
Indoor BBQ
Indoor BBQ
I in reality like this room--clean, simple, and straight-forward. Caption reads: An indoor barbeque is an extra to consider when you build a family flat. This one is part of an addition to an older home. It is adjacent to a patio and near the dining table inside, so that meals can be served in either spot. You're sure to need some range by the grill. A minimum amount of space is from 2 to 4 square feet. You can always use more, but you'll need at least this much to set out plates or a platter to serve the meat. A chopping block is handy for carving; mount it on the bar or keep it in the storage cabinet. A cleanout door is a must if you use the grill often.
Photo by army.arch on Flickr
Eclectic BBQ With Neal Stephenson
Eclectic BBQ With Neal Stephenson
My aircraft arrived in the evening, and I went out immediately to start taking photos of the city. Just as I was getting into a groove, I received a text to come over to Neal Stephenson's council to help build a unique steampunk BBQ Grill. To this, I cannot say no. Here is my friend Chris Young getting one of the columns of fire stoked. We filled these with a special charitable of obsidian coal that was very tough to light but burned like a French retreat. First, Chris would use a blow torch to get it started, and then he whipped out the old leaf-blower at bottom get the fire going. He did this to both columns to make sure the temperature was consistent through the vertical structure before they were set into a spinning motion. - Trey Ratcliff Assume from the entire long-form blog entry here at the Stuck in Customs blog.
Photo by Stuck in Customs on Flickr
Promotional BBQ Grill Sets
Promotional BBQ Grill Sets
USC Trojans Grill Set
USC Trojans Grill Set
Promotional Grill Strife = 'wife' BBQ Set - CLOSEOUT ITEM
Promotional Grill Strife = 'wife' BBQ Set - CLOSEOUT ITEM