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Weber 7536 Flavorizer Bars (22.5 x 2.3 x 2.3) by Weber

  • Fits the Genesis Silver B and C
  • The Weber porcelain-enameled flavorizer bars are a replacement part...
  • Fits the Spirit 700 and Weber 900



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Product Description

The Weber flavorizer bars are made of porcelain-enameled and fits the Genesis Silver B and C, Spirit 700, and Weber 900 gas grills. 5 bars.

  • Dimensions: 3.3 IN x 25.5 IN x 5.5 IN

Hongso SBF231 (4-pack) Universal BBQ Gas Grill Replacement Stainless Steel Pipe Tube Burner for BBQ Pro, Kenmore Sears, K Mart Part, Members Mark Part, Outdoor Gourmet, Lowes Model Grills (15 3/8 by Hongso

  • •Fits gas grill models 119.162300, 119.162310, 119.16301,...
  • •Original Part Numbers: SD0024-A, BQ06043-1-22.
  • •Material stainless steel; measures 15.375 -inches in length by...


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Product Description

Make sure you measure the size of your original parts and compare with ours BEFORE you order. Please Note: BBQ-Parts does not sell any other branded products besides "Hongso". BBQ-Parts ONLY sells grill aftermarket replacements under the "Hongso" trademark.

gas bbq grill replacement parts video referral from buyer

This client sent in a "thank you" video after purchasing gas grill replacement parts at: http://www. grill-repair.

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Grillmark BBQ-468016 Universal Burner Large, 19.5 by (dba Shopping)

Replaces burners from 18 to 22, 30 grade stainless steel, Hanging box.


Grillmark BBQ-467910 Hose And Type I Regulator, 21 by (dba Shopping)

Product Type: Gas Line Hose and Regulator. Size Capacity: 21 in. Assembled Depth: 2.5 in. Color Family: Black. Assembled Height: 11.3 in. Assembled Width: 4.5 in. Size: 21 in. QCC1 regulator and hose assembly for propane grills. 21" flexible rubber hose. Replaces most OEM propane hoses on gas grills. 3/8" brass female fitting. Overall length 24" from end of fitting to center of regulator.


Erudition from a Project “Post-mortem”

I am choosing a intimate project, because the largest part of the project resulted in an epic failure, and I only have myself to blame. I did not realize that I was playing the part of the project manager (PM), but after starting this movement, I see PM was truly my role, and I failed. A large oak tree fell in my backyard. The base of the tree is approximately 5 ft. in diameter and the height of the tree is approx. In addition, three smaller trees (15 ft. ) needed to be cut down. My estimate was to invite friends to assist in helping with cutting up the tree and removing it from the backyard. Cutting down the smaller trees, and doing basic trimming enclosing the edges of the property, and cleanup of weeds and leaves. I have two gas-powered chainsaws, one brand new, and one older. In addition, I have a gas- powered tree trimmer, which could be used for smaller limbs. One of my friends also stated they could recall c raise their chainsaw for some of the lighter work, as it is smaller than both of mine. I planned to have a BBQ after we were done with the tree as payment for everyone’s hard work. Tasked everyone with bringing their own green chairs Purchased a second chainsaw, bigger than the one I already owned Gas/oil mix necessary to power the saws Chain lube needed to keep the chainsaws in working law Cleaned BBQ Grill Filled Propane... Project results: The main trunk of the tree and the larger branches are still there. The three smaller trees were successfully removed, and one of the stumps. Why the epic let down on the large tree removal. As friends arrived tasks were divided, and equipment provided, and work began. My original chainsaw would not start, the primer lather was broken, and one could not be found at any of the local hardware stores. The friend’s chainsaw was electric and only able to take care of smaller limbs, same with the gas-tree trimmer. The new chainsaw was word go operated by someone who said they had ‘experience’ using a chainsaw. Unfortunately this ‘experience’ was under the supervision of their grandfather, who would stop them periodically and add chain lube as needed. The limit was therefore not properly lubricated and within a short period of time, the chain would no longer cut efficiently and was ‘burnt up’. The hardware stores did not have the proper replacement chain in stock, so this would have to be ordered. The three trees were removed and it was certain that the stumps would also need to be removed. However, this required the PM (me) to purchase a pick-ax, and only two individuals were able to use effectively. The general trimming and cleanup was then concentrated on and was successfully completed, and the evening was capped off with an superb BBQ and bonfire, effectively removing all of the trimmings. Ultimately, I can place the failure of the main piece of the project at my feet, as the PM of the project, I did not make sure I had all of the change resources in working order (chainsaw). I also did not assign the task of the use of the new chainsaw to an experienced user. I also did not have a contingency plan (back up parts for chainsaws and the correct equipment to wipe out the stumps (pick-ax). Though this was not part of the original plan, it should have been. So I overlooked an important task and equipment need (Portny, Mantel, Merideth, Shafer, Sutton, & Kramer, 2008). The design would have been more successful if:. Had both gas-powered chainsaws in proper working order prior to the date of the... Assigned an experienced user to the one working gas-powered chainsaw. Or communicated to the assigned buyer the need to properly check the level of chain lube ever 15-20 minutes of use, and refill as needed. Oversaw the use Realized the need to take off not just the three trees but the stumps, and purchased the correct equipment prior to the project start. Source: JDH DESIGN


Burner Tube BBQ Grill Replacement Set Proper Weber Stainless Steel Parts 03/15/15, @dylanruga
Burner Tube BBQ Grill Replacement Set Not counterfeit Weber Stainless Steel Parts 03/15/15, @victoriaurbano8
Gas Grill Replacement Parts 6 Shop Push Button Ignitor for Amana Uniflame BBQ 03/13/15, @forcenayax


  • BBQ Beans

    bacon, barbecue sauce, brown sugar, garlic, green pepper, ham, jalapeno, kidney bean, onions, pink beans, pork chops


  • Ainsley's Remotest Barbecue Bible

    Random House. 2012. ISBN: 9781448140909,1448140900. 224 pages.

    Ainsley Harriott is one of the political entity's all-time favourite television chefs and is also a best-selling BBC author. Barbecue Bible was an instant hit when it was released in 1997 and it continues to top the chart for barbecue books every summer. This print run of the classic title has been redesigned with a fresh contemporary look, and some of the best recipes from Ainsley's Big Cook Out have been added to turn this into the Ultimate Barbecue Bible. It will apply to all Ainsley fans as well as anyone looking for a definitive collection of barbecue recipes. The cookbook is packed with mouth-watering dishes inspired by flavours from approximately the world, including a host of sensational salsas, marinades, barbecue breads and summertime drinks to complete your menu. Ainsley's Ultimate Barbecue...

  • Mastering Barbecue

    Ten Speed Press. 2012. ISBN: 9781607744566,1607744562. 200 pages.

    Anything that can be cooked in prison the kitchen can be cooked outside with more fun and more flavor. For beginning backyard cooks, mediocre smokers, or grilling pros, MASTERING BARBECUE is the primer for introducing barbecue into one's culinary repertoire. Compiling more than a decade's usefulness of recipes and expertise from veteran grill masters, professional chefs, and barbecue enthusiasts from around the country, barbecue guru Michael Stines packs a intact lot more than just marinades into this comprehensive handbook. He gives beginners the basics on selecting ingredients and tools; teaches intermediate cooks detailed techniques for choosing, preparing, and finishing uniformly good dishes; and throws in a few surprises for the seasoned pit master that'll turn great barbecue into...

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