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Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves by Dragon Knuckle Oven Mitts EN 407 Rating for Cooking Grilling Barbecue Charcoal Grill Smoker Tools Accessories XL Kevlar Nomex Insulated Cut Resistant by Dragon Knuckle

  • MACHINE WASHABLE & ULTRA DURABLE So You Can Toss Them in the...
  • BREATHABLE, FLEXIBLE, NIMBLE So You Don't Lose Dexterity. Our...


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What are Dragon Knuckle Gloves built from?

Meta-Aramid 1313 fibers (similar to Nomex) are used in fireproof clothing worn by race car drivers and firefighters. The material is easily dyed. The black threads in your Dragon Knuckle Gloves are Meta-Aramid.

Para-Aramid 1414 fibers (similar to Kevlar) are used in bulletproof vests and motorcycle armor. They can't be dyed. They are the gray threads woven into Dragon Knuckle Gloves.

The mix of Aramid fibers gives our gloves their signature two-tone look. No pair will look like yours.

Don't see this pattern on a competitor's glove? They contain no Para-Aramid fibers. Accept no substitutes.

The Silicone flame pattern adds more thermal protection and confident grip.

The Cotton liner provides cool comfort. All-Silicone gloves don't breathe, leaving you sweaty, clumsy and sticky.

Know that Dragon Knuckle is the Heavyweight Champ of BBQ gloves. While others weigh 8 or 9 ounces, Dragon Knuckle weighs in at a solid 13 ounces.

That's more protective material between your precious hands and the heat. And more value.

Don't be afraid to get dirty. When you're done with the feast, throw your Dragon Knuckle Gloves in the washing machine and they'll come out fresh.

Can you machine dry them? Sure, unless you think your dryer can melt our flame-resistant gloves.

In the oven, on the stove, over the grill or at the campfire you'll be safe and look sharp too. The Para-Aramid fibers make us confident they'll last forever. That's why we offer a Lifetime Guarantee.

Join us and cook with confidence. Click "Add to Cart" and buy your pair today.

Universal Barbeque Grill Scraper, Martin Grill Gadget, No Harmful Bristles, 16" Long Wooden Handle, BBQ Grill Grate Cleaner Tool Fits ANY Rack, Made in USA by Martin

  • EASY CLEANING: The cleaning capabilities of this grill cleaner tool...
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: There is no other grill scraper like this on the...
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: There is a lifetime warranty on the Martin Grill...



Product Description

Martin Grill Gadget History

In a small west Tennessee town in 1981, a man by the name of Andrew Martin needed a tool to clean his grill. He sat down and designed the Martin Grill Gadget. He used it for 20 years before he realized he had something that every grill owner needs. The Martin Grill Gadget turns a dreaded, messy job into a quick and easy one! Since then hundreds of thousands of people have bought it and most people actually buy them as gifts after they use it themselves!


The grill gadget is 16 inches and made of a solid brass "universal disc", a solid aircraft grade aluminum shaft (flexible but virtually unbreakable), a hand-designed wooden handle, a leather hanging strap, all held together by a strong, removable, stainless steel decorator cap. The "universal disc" has different size slots which will fit your grill and it will clean your oven rack like a miracle! MADE IN USA

Grill Grate List

Weber (ORIGINAL Grate)
Green Egg
Weber Genesis (STAINLESS)
Vermont Casting

Why Not A Bristle Brush?

Wire bristle brushes can tear, splinter and leave entire wires, or fragments of wires on your grill or in your food. Each year children and adults of all ages ingest grill-cleaning brush bristles causing severe injury.

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Stainless Steel Grill BBQ Tool Wizard Brush and Scruber by (dba Shopping)

A simple sliding motion makes grill grime magically disappear! The Tool Wizard Brush, rated Top Brush by Cooks Illustrated, uses a non-clogging, non-abrasive woven mesh scouring pad to remove caked-on grime and food residue from all grill surfaces except Teflon without elbow grease. The non-clogging, washable scouring pads are replaceable so you never need to buy another handle. Stainless steel, polypropylene, 19L x 5W x 2H.