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Universal Barbeque Grill Scraper, Martin Grill Gadget, No Harmful Bristles, 16" Long Wooden Handle, BBQ Grill Grate Cleaner Tool Fits ANY Rack, Made in USA by Martin

  • EASY CLEANING: The cleaning capabilities of this grill cleaner tool...
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: There is no other grill scraper like this on the...
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: There is a lifetime warranty on the Martin Grill...



Product Description

Martin Grill Gadget History

In a small west Tennessee town in 1981, a man by the name of Andrew Martin needed a tool to clean his grill. He sat down and designed the Martin Grill Gadget. He used it for 20 years before he realized he had something that every grill owner needs. The Martin Grill Gadget turns a dreaded, messy job into a quick and easy one! Since then hundreds of thousands of people have bought it and most people actually buy them as gifts after they use it themselves!


The grill gadget is 16 inches and made of a solid brass "universal disc", a solid aircraft grade aluminum shaft (flexible but virtually unbreakable), a hand-designed wooden handle, a leather hanging strap, all held together by a strong, removable, stainless steel decorator cap. The "universal disc" has different size slots which will fit your grill and it will clean your oven rack like a miracle! MADE IN USA

Grill Grate List

Weber (ORIGINAL Grate)
Green Egg
Weber Genesis (STAINLESS)
Vermont Casting

Why Not A Bristle Brush?

Wire bristle brushes can tear, splinter and leave entire wires, or fragments of wires on your grill or in your food. Each year children and adults of all ages ingest grill-cleaning brush bristles causing severe injury.

BBQ Grill Mat by Chef Caron Designed for the Professional - 2 Nonstick Mats - Slicker, Thicker .25mm - Xtra Large by Chef Caron

  • SAFETY: FDA Approved! And, we use a proprietary manufacturing...
  • NOT ALL MATS ARE THE SAME: Sure, they all look alike, just a black...
  • SLICKNESS: There's this technical term called "co-effecient of...


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NEW WORLD OF POSSIBILITIES Grill Mats will protect your barbecue grill and eliminate the need to clean the grill after each use. The Grill Mats are easy to clean. Just wipe them with a damp cloth or put them in your dishwasher. Soak in soapy water for tough residue. This is the world's most innovative nonstick cookware and it will open up a whole new world of possibilities for cooking on the grill! PERFECT FOR CAMPING & PICNICS: The PTFE material is light weight, rolls up, and provides a very large nonstick cooking surface. Once you start using a barbecue grill mat you will discover many new ways to use them. You can grill anything on these mats: eggs, pancakes, fish, hash browns, bacon, veggies, etc. What was once impossible can now be done easily! Let your imagination run wild! PROTECT YOUR GRILL & KITCHEN APPLIANCES: These durable Grill Mats can be cut to any size or shape to create a pan liner, baking sheet, cooking sheet, drip catcher, microwave liner, nonstick cooking mat, baking mat, dehydrator sheet and any other nonstick surface you might need for the home or the shop. FULL LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Plus FDA approved, reusable, double-sided, PFOA-free. suitable for all grills including gas, charcoal, infrared, electric and pellet grills - Limit of 500F degrees as specified by the FDA for all nonstick cookware. Fantastic gift item in attractive packaging. OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU We don't cut corners on our manufacturing, and we don't cut corners on our customer service either! All we ask is that you give us a try. If for any reason your experience not what you expected, just let us know for a replacement product or 100% of your money back. No questions asked! So try us now, absolutely risk free. Don't forget, the grill mats make fantastic gifts for Christmas, Father's Day, birthdays or any occasion.