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Environmental Electric Grill BBQ Grill and Teppanyaki Grill with Gift BBQ Tools Set by Youlanda

  • Bigger size of pan design, heavier load of BBQ food.
  • Non-stick coating of pan, easy to wash and clean.
  • Electric power, no smoke, more fresh air of Environment.


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Product Description

Environmental Electric Grill BBQ Grill
 1. Top quality, durable and easy using. Thermostat with 250℃, temperature adjustable knob at the side.
 2. Layer non-stick coating for smokeless cooking, skid proof rubber feet and heat resistance handle.
 3. Distributes heat evenly and keep the same temperature the entire pan.
 4. Stainless steel flapper at the bottom for effective warming and to protect table top.
 5. Major parts as burners produced by our own workshop, better quality control, better delivery.
 6. Cable copper cable with CE certified.
 7. Customed plug VDE/ BS/ SA/ 2 pin flat etc.
 8. Great for lovers of BBQ food.

 -Main material: Aluminium coating and 0.5mm stainless steel
 -Power: 1400W
 -Voltage: 110V
 -Product Size: 49 x 28cm
 -Package Size: 64 x 13 x 31cm

Package Includes:
 - 1 x Electric Grill
 - 1 x User Manual
 - 1 x Spice Bottle
 - 1 x Towel
 - 1 x Wooden Spatula
 - 1 x Tong
 - 1 x Baking Net
 - 2 x Plate
 - 2 x Brush
 - 10 x Oil Paper
 - 10 x One-off Gloves

Molecule Insulated Silicone Cooking Gloves BBQ Grill Gloves Best Versatile Heat Resistant Oven Gloves Waterproof For Grilling,Full Finger, Hand, Wrist Protection,Safe Handling of Pots and Pans by Molecule Gloves

  • Incredible heat resistance - keeping your hands dry and safe while...
  • They can be used to remove hot foods from the oven, microwave, pots...
  • 1-pair built to last heat resistant cooking gloves are FDA...


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Product Description

Heat Resistant Silicon BBQ Gloves

When it comes to grilling, many people ignore safety advice and start cooking without the use of barbecue gloves. Sure, some guys may think it's too feminine to wear barbecue gloves. But it's better to be safe than to get burnt, right? So what are you waiting for? Throw your old oven mitts away and experience the Molecule Gloves, the best protector to your precious hands! Make it yours! Make it functional!

What Are They for:

.Remove hot foods from the oven, microwave, pots and the grill
.Prepare pulled pork
.Snow & ice removal
.Tend the fireplace
.Work in the garden
.Grab cold drinks and food from the ice chest or freezer
.Scrape snow and ice
.Open lids with ease
.Remove light bulbs
.Turn over your BBQ meat by hand, without getting burned

Why choose Molecule Silicone BBQ gloves?

.100% food grade silicone, FDA approved. Safe, useful, convenient, eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-corrosive, antioxidative, heat insulated, cold hardy and waterproof.
.Safety for baking, food handling, barbecue, oven, kitchen household, refrigerator, grilling accessories, or as an anti-slip pot holder, etc.
.Its five-finger design allows you to wear and take hot & cold things with ease.
.Durable. No staining or smell even after long-term use.
.It provides extra protection against different heat elements by covering your wrists.
.These Gloves are dishwasher and handwash safe - so use them without worrying about their cleaning.
.One size fits most.

About Us

We strive to provide high quality yet resonable priced products to our customers and best customer service possible. If you have any problem or question regarding your purchase, please feel free to contact us,we will work hard to resolve any problem you may have until you are satisfied.

Santa Maria BBQ Grill on Smoker Trailer

This video shows how our new Santa Maria Grill Go against the grain adjusting system works. See this project on our website at SmokerBuilder.

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