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Grill Masterz's Beef Rib Recipes: 25 Awesome Beef Rib Dishes You Can Make On The Grill

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Beef ribs are one of the most popular foods when it comes to the world of grilling. Recently, they have even begun to catch up to pork ribs in popularity, with the changing tastes of the masses and availability of beef. Beef ribs can be found for just about any budget, from those on the shelves of big box grocery stores to organic, free-range, grass-fed beef ribs sold by local farmers. Whatever your preferences, there is a rib option for you.
But how do you go about preparing these delicious ribs? That’s where this book comes in. In these pages, you will find twenty-five of the best beef rib recipes, guaranteed to keep you and your family and friends begging for more!
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BBQ pit boss, Eddy Matsumoto, reveals his best spice rubs for pork ribs. “Six stars out of five. That’s how good they are.” – Las Vegas Barbecue Legend, Winston “Smokey Mike” Negreanu.